How to grow good weed and not beggar yourself

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Are you curious about cannabis cultivation but concerned about the cost? There are ways to grow weed indoors cheap! 

It’s true that an indoor grow setup can cost a small fortune, but there are ways to minimize expenses. It’s easier to cheaply cultivate marijuana outdoors, as you don’t need to worry about providing light or manipulating the environment.

Cannabis seeds best for beginners work well as they don’t have as many supplementation requirements. It’s a misconception that you need to invest large sums of money to grow premium cannabis. 

Your yield may be smaller, but the buds will be of high quality. Save even more by choosing cost-effective ways to smoke, like using homemade bongs.

Ready to discover the cheapest way to grow weed? 

Let’s kick things off by understanding the requirements. 

What you need for growing weed indoors cheap 

To get started with affordable cultivation, you need a few basics. These are: 

Quality cannabis seeds

Even when you opt for the cheap way to grow indoor weed, you can’t skimp on quality seeds. The initial investment means most or all of your seeds will germinate, compared to budget products.

Purchase your marijuana seeds from a reputable supplier, as these seed banks provide products with top-notch genetics. Many of these also offer educational content to guide you on your cultivation journey. 

Crops from these seeds grow healthier and typically have more resilience than low-cost bag seeds, meaning your buds will be of better quality. It’s best to choose feminized options; that way, you know all your crops are bud-bearing. 

Grow lights

Cannabis led lights

There are several options for your budget weed grow room. The cheapest is investing in light-emitting diode (LED) varieties. The initial outlay is higher than others, but they’re economical to run as they don’t use much electricity. 

Read this for detailed information: Best LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants (Cannabis) and More.

Grow medium 

Most strains flourish in multiple grow mediums, but soil is the most affordable. Select a loamy variety for your cheap indoor weed setup. A cost-effective option is garden variety soil with added nutrients.  

Ensure that you’ve got the correct pH levels to avoid deficiency or nutrient burn. These issues can end up costing you a pretty penny to repair.


When cultivating your crops in soil, you need different pot sizes as your plants mature. In the seedling stage, using small plastic containers is an affordable solution. As they grow, look for five or 10-gallon varieties to accommodate their size.

Another tip for growing weed indoors cheap is reusing your pots for multiple plants. 


The amount you need to spend on nutrients depends on the quality of your potting mix. Premium varieties don’t need much supplementation. However, if you’ve selected cheap soil, you may need to splurge on macronutrients. 

A designated grow area

Deciding where to cultivate your marijuana seeds doesn’t need to be daunting. While a fully equipped grow tent is effective, you don’t need one to grow healthy crops. The cheapest cannabis grow setup is much simpler.

Look for unused space in your home like a spare room, bathroom, extra closet, or basement. The main requirement is that the region is light-proof for dark cycles. Having waterproof floors makes it convenient to clean up spills and messes. 

If you’ve got some cash to spare, reflective walls can enhance your yield as they amplify the light exposure.


Fans serve a dual purpose. They regulate the temperature and facilitate air circulation. When cultivating with lamps, your grow area gets heated quickly. Fans help cool it down. 

Air circulation is essential for reducing the risk of pathogens like mold. They minimize the chances of spores settling on the foliage. If you place your fans strategically, they can help strengthen the branches of your crops. The wind acts as resistance. 

A thermostat and hygrometer

Keep the temperature and humidity levels in mind when creating your cheap indoor grow setup for weed. 

Adjust the heating to 70–80℉ and set the humidity levels to 55%. These averages vary from one strain to the next, but having the right equipment makes it easier to maintain. 

A light timer

If you’re cultivating photoperiod varieties, you need to adhere to light schedules. Having a timer makes this process simpler.  

How to grow indoor weed cheaply.

Before you can grow weed indoors cheaply, you need to understand marijuana plants’ four phases of development. There are cost-saving tips for each stage. 


Getting your cannabis seeds to sprout is the first step of growing. The main criteria for successful germination are:

  • High humidity levels
  • Warm temperatures
  • Minimal light exposure
  • An efficient germination technique

Choose a simple method like soaking or the paper towel technique, as they only use cheap household items. You don’t need a pricey humidity dome or a heating pad to get your cannabis seeds going. 


Seedlings develop rudimentary leaves and require warmth and moderate humidity of 40–60%. They’re sensitive to light, so you don’t need powerful ones during this phase. Avoid overwatering them and use the finger test technique to determine when you need to add water. 

You save on supplements during this phase of growing weed indoors cheaply. The young plants are susceptible to nutrient burn. 


The most vigorous growth occurs during the vegetative stage. Offering supplementation during this phase enhances bud quality and strengthens the plant. Depending on the strain you’re growing, implement a cheap plant training technique.

Low-stress training (LST) options are easy to implement and result in better yields. 


The phase requires diligent care and a reduction in moisture. Maintain a 12-hour light and a 12-hour dark cycle. Reduce your nitrogen feeds and keep the area warm. 

Excellent pot, low cost

It’s possible to grow weed indoors cheap. Find a balance between cost and quality for your equipment and other cultivation requirements. 

You may still need to splurge on some aspects like seeds and grow lights, but you offset this by saving on other factors. Now that you know how to cultivate cannabis on a budget, why not start your own indoor crop.

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