Know your strains: best of Sativa, Indica, and hybrid.

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Cannabis, weed, or marijuana are the names of the plants that are known for their psychoactive properties. Not only the psychotropic properties but also there are other medicinal properties linked to these plants. Earlier, it was considered a Taboo as the good properties and benefits of these plants were unknown to people, and they were considered illegal. As more and more studies are carried out on them, and the beneficial properties of Cannabis or weed are known, this Taboo around it is clearing out. Even at the government level, actions have been taken in legalizing Cannabis in most of the states. However, the recreational use of weed and marijuana is still extremely popular. Regular users of Cannabis marijuana or weed have a lot of experience and will tell you about the different benefits experienced by them on consuming them. 

Even the experts are now confirming the fascinating properties of Cannabis or marijuana and agree with the medicinal benefits they have. More studies are being carried out to look for future prospects in combining the properties with modern medicine and using them for many diseases. Until then, the experts have to move ahead with the knowledge they already have. Medical practitioners and doctors understand how these can be really helpful and are prescribing them to patients who need them for proper relaxation. The dosages of these are decided by the doctor and taken by the patients on their recommendations. Although the medicinal consumption of Cannabis shall be done on doctors’ recommendation, the recreational use of Cannabis should be taken more care of. Most of us know about the three types of strains: sativa Indica and hybrid. Every type has a strain that stands out and is popular among the users.

Let us know more about the specific popular strains from each type.

Granddaddy Purple strain


The leaves of the sativa strain are narrow, and the tree is tall, and the number of leaves on a tree would look scanty. Sativa is best known for the invigorating and energizing effects it has on consumption. There are many strains with different flavors and Aromas, but the basic nature of a sativa plant gives the full energy feeling on consumption. If you want to hit that creative corner or want to Achieve a high experience, then this is the type you should go for. Some of the most popular sativa strains are Magic Melons, Wedding Crashers, White Widow, and Alaskan Thunder. 

White widow- 

The fast-acting sativa stain is one of the most popular among weed enthusiasts. This is the weed DC people like to buy. Known for the instant search for energy, which can be used for problem-solving techniques and heavy physical work like cleaning, it is the most loved strain.

Wedding crashers-

The perfect strain for those who like the flavor of wedding cake with a fruity punch. This helps them control anxiety, stress, and mood swings.


The leaves of the Indica plant are wide and look strong. These plants are comparatively not tall enough but are extremely bushy. The quantity of leaves you would find on an Indica plant is way more than you would find on a sativa plant. There are many strains with different Aromas and tastes under Indica as well. People who like to enjoy the soothing effects of weed often go for Indica strains. There are also many strains that different weed enthusiasts would find intriguing and will have an inclination for a particular type of strain. But some of these strains mentioned here are the most popular strains. Banana OG, Orange Bubba, And Purple Punch are some of the all-time favorites of weed lovers.

banana OG- 

This is the best and most like Indica strain that weed lovers like to order. This is the Indica strain weed DC people don’t think twice before buying. The all-time favorite banana flavor adds to the natural punch this strain has and gives an overall calming and soothing effect.

Purple punch-

 If you are looking for the overall mellowing effect that would help you get the relaxation you need, then this is the strain you are looking for. The distinct flavors with hints of blueberries and grapes make them the best choice.


Vibrate plants are the perfect blend of sativa and Indica plants with the properties that give you the best of both worlds. The perfect blend that gives you not only a soothing effect for your mind but also for your body. People who are looking for overall relaxation always prefer hybrids over others. Peanut butter breath, Blue Magic, and Cookie Green are some of the most popular strains right now. Weed lovers are going crazy for these strains, and for the right reasons.

Blue magic- 

One of the most highly in-demand strains that gives you the perfect calming and relaxing effect that you have been waiting for. 

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The bottom line-

Every strain has its own properties, benefits, and advantages. It depends completely on the user on what they are looking for to go with a particular strain. There are certain popular strains that most weed lovers Like. Here, we have discussed those strains to help you understand which one would be best for you.

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