How long after taking CBD oil can I drink water?

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Many beginners and CBD users who have just started taking CBD oil always have some common misconceptions and doubts regarding the use of CBD oil. CBD oil consumption, along with the consumption of other edibles and beverages, is one of the most commonly asked questions and frequently raised doubt by beginners. The myths regarding the consumption of water after CBD oil have been going around for quite some time, and this has given price to misconceptions and doubts among the users of CBD. Often, people who are new to using CBD oil think the time between intake of water after consumption of oil should be long. Some even think that intake of water should be avoided for almost half a day if you are taking CBD oil. This is not true.

The good news is you can definitely drink water after taking CBD oil without worrying about anything. Just think of it as any other CBD product. In the case of a gummy or a CBD oil, you need to drink some water if it feels like the contents are stuck in your food pipe. Drinking water will allow the food stuck in the food pipe to flow easily with it and enter the stomach. Similarly, with CBD oil, you can take water, but to be on the safe side, you need to wait for about 30 minutes or so, and then you can drink water to assist the flow of oil easily into the stomach so if you are worried about the fact that drinking water after taking CBD oil is safe or not then we are here to let you know that it is completely safe to drink water after consuming CBD oil. You just need to keep in mind that you wait for a complete half an hour before consuming water. This will keep you on the safe side, and you will have enough time for CBD oil to release its effects, and by the time the stomach starts digesting it, you can drink your water to curb your thirst. 

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Consequences of taking water too soon-

Have you ever thought about why this kind of doubt arises? Why is it necessary to wait for a certain time before You drink water after consuming CBD oil? It is because when you are consuming CBD oil, you are allowing your stomach to act directly on the oil, and you will get the desired result out of it. Whereas if you drink water earlier than the recommended time, you are basically not allowing the stomach to get all the effects of oil because as soon as water enters the system, the oil that is in the stomach is basically diluted due to water. Hence, all the benefits of oil will not be released, and you might not get the exact same result as you would have if you directly drank the oil and waited for almost thirty minutes or so to drink water. The potency of CBD oil can be reduced if the water is not taken after the recommended time. It might not only reduce the potential, but It will take more time than it normally takes. So you can say the time of effect is also affected if water is taken immediately. 

The time recommended here is a generalized time that you should follow. But this time is not consistent for everybody because many factors contribute to CBD’s effects on a particular body. So, the potential of CBD may vary from one person to another depending on the metabolism rate, weight, etc. You can bypass the first level of metabolism if CBD is taken sublingually. Be it oil or tincture; you can wait for the membrane of your mouth to absorb the tincture or oil and pass on the essence to the body. For this, you need to keep the oil or tincture under your tongue for almost a minute before it gets absorbed. One side gets absorbed and enters your bloodstream, and you will be able to feel the effects of CBD oil on your body. The purpose of taking CBD oil is to enjoy the effects to its fullest. Taking water or any other beverage within this limit of time may dilute the effects and affect the potency. Planning to take water or any other beverage for that matter, try to maintain this gap. Not only the intake of water but if you are also considering eating something, you must maintain a time difference between the intake of oil and the intake of food. As soon as food enters the system, the stomach will start working on digesting the food and absorbing the contents. This might also affect the potential of CBD oil, and you might not get complete satisfaction. So, it is better that you allow your body to observe the essence of CBD oil, and you get satisfied with the effects of it. Once your body has experienced the effect after completely observing the oil, you can move ahead to eat or drink something.

The bottom line-

Taking CBD oil sublingually allows your body to absorb the oil better and get the experience and satisfaction of CBD. Taking water before the oil gets absorbed and its effect released will affect the potency of CBD, and you might not experience the same Effects as you would have experienced after waiting for the CBD to get absorbed. So wait for at least 30 minutes for the CBD to get absorbed in the body, and then enjoy your beverages.

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