Wondering How To Store Cannabis Seeds? Here’s how

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There are a lot of Cannabis items people can buy to serve their necessities. Outstandingly, a few consumers favor growing their Cannabis instead of buying this from stores or dispensaries, which helps them with the regular availability of Cannabis and saves them a lot of money. You can get different sorts of Cannabis seed strains depending upon your preferences. When you are searching for the trains and have the seed of the strains with you, you might forget one small detail: Your seeds are alive!

There are often a lot of errors people make while storing Cannabis seeds. They often forget that even the seeds they bought for 15 to 20 Dollars, if not taken care of, can get damaged. If it does go bad, it is not only a loss of 15 to 20 Dollars, but it is a much more expensive loss.

While storing the Cannabis seeds, you have to keep in mind that they are also a form of life. You must get some idea regarding how to store cannabis seeds beforehand. You also need to know that every strain has different needs. Like master kush seeds will have different needs from rainbow kush. Many experts do agree with the fact that they fall under the category of living organisms that can grow up to form a regular Cannabis plant if taken care of properly. Instead of just putting them away, if they are given their natural conditions and are stored properly for future use, they can be the source of a lot more Cannabis than you have right now. Just like they are in their natural circumstances or habitat, they grow into full-grown trees when they fall off and get proper nourishment and conditions. When you have the seeds with you, you must treat them like any other life form and take care of them like a living organism. Only when you provide it with the best conditions will you be able to reap the results. 

Here we help you with certain tips and tricks for storing the Cannabis seeds.

There are many important key factors that you need to consider before you are storing the Cannabis seeds. You have to take care of these key elements if you don’t want your seeds to go bad before they even get the time to receive proper nourishment for growth. Storage is a very important factor that can prevent your Cannabis from getting damaged or can ruin your seeds easily. it comes to you in the end how you take care of the seeds to get your desired results. 

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Cannabis Seeds

Exposure to light

The first thing that you need to keep in mind while storing your Cannabis seeds is their exposure to light. The seeds are basically children of Cannabis trees. Hence, you would understand that they carry the genetic coding of the parent tree with them in the form of embryonic tissue. Bright light is very bad for the health of your seeds. It can completely damage the seed, and you will find yourself responsible for not being able to provide the proper condition to see your seed grow to its full term.

 Whatever you do, you have to see to it that when you are storing the seeds, they are away from direct sunlight or any kind of bright light, for that matter. You can use some Opaque bags or boxes that do not allow bright light to enter and interact with the seeds. Certain translucent bags can also be used, and the bags can be stored in comparatively low light areas of your house. The shell of the seed can act as a natural blockage for the sunlight to reach the embryo, but you have to also keep in mind that when they are in their natural habitat, they Fall off into the soil and are mostly covered with the layer of soil. Hence the light would reach the seed through the soil, which is a very low level of lighting until they start germinating.

The right levels of humidity


The next thing that you have to take into account while considering the storage of Cannabis seeds is the humidity level. This is another important factor that you have to keep in mind if you want your seeds to stay protected for long. Basically, when the seeds are in their germination process or when they fall off the plant in their Natural Habitat, they are absorbed into the soil. The levels of humidity in the soil are medium to high, which is exactly the right amount of humidity required for almost any seed to start germinating.

Here, in this case, we are discussing storing the seeds; hence it is important to keep them away from any conditions that would cause their germination. As there are no other conditions and environments that support the growth of seeds, high levels of humidity would encourage the seed to germinate, but lack of Nourishment and other requirements would lead to the seed getting damaged.

You also have to keep in mind that you have to constrain a certain level of humidity and not let the seeds completely dry up. It is very important that they are packed in sealed bags as direct interaction with the air, and natural humidity might result in the seed getting dried up. This might result in the seat getting desiccated and damaged. Hence, you have to keep in mind that the humidity levels must be at a certain needed level whenever you are storing the seed.

Humidity levelHumidity between 0 to 30%Humidity between 30 to 70%Humidity between 70- 100 %
the health of the seedThis is a very low level of humidity which would result in the seed getting dried up and desiccated. This often happens when they are left in the natural environment to interact with air without the use of storage bags.This is the perfect amount of humidity that is needed when you are thinking of storing the seeds. When this level of humidity is maintained, the storage of the seeds will be successful, and you will find the seed in a good position even after a long period of storage.This very high amount of humidity is not suitable for seed storage. Normally if the seeds are in their Natural Habitat, this humidity might allow the seed to germinate given the right conditions. but since the storage does not have all the other requirements, the viability of germination of the seeds would decrease, and they are not good for long term use. 

Temperature for storage

There are many vital factors that you must consider.One of the factors that needs to be kept in check is the temperature. The seeds must be stored at a viable temperature for the seed to stay fresh and ready to germinate whenever they get the right condition. For instance, the temperature of the storage must be between a certain range, and any fluctuations in this temperature range may lead to the seed getting damaged. Too hot or too cold both the temperatures would cause nothing but bad to the seed. It is vital that you keep the seeds in a condition where the temperature is maintained so they can be retracted and properly grown into a healthy Cannabis plant whenever the seeds need to be used. 

Low temperatures like the ones found in your freezes that range between minus 10 to -20 degrees centigrade are the perfect temperature for long-term storage of the seeds. The interaction with any other factors would be minimal hence would lead the seed to remain fresh and healthy for a long period of time. Storing the seeds at this temperature would not only keep the seeds fresh for years, but you can go for decades before the seeds can again be put into the soil to grow into a healthy tree. If you are able to maintain this temperature at all times it is the best option. You can store the Cannabis seeds to last longer. But storing them at this temperature does come with certain other issues related to it. It would be very hard to manage such low temperatures at all times. Even a slight temperature change for a time of half an hour is enough for the Cannabis seed to get damaged. Hence to bring out the best option, it is better that you store your Cannabis seed at 3 to 4 degrees centigrade; that is the normal temperature inside your fridge. 


Sarah, inhouse seed expert, from theseedsdepot.com says, “If you are thinking of storing Cannabis seeds, then you have to keep in mind that the Cannabis seeds are not a thing, but they are also a form of a living being”. 

The embryonic tissues have to carry the genes of their parent trees; hence it is important that you follow all the requirements for proper storage of Cannabis seeds. Only when you follow the needed requirement will you be able to use the Cannabis seeds anytime in the future. For this, you have to be thorough with the storage methods and things you have to keep in mind while preparing to store the seeds. As you might understand, if you lose the seeds even worth $10, you are not just losing those $10, but you are losing a lot more worth of Cannabis.

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