The best way to take Kratom- know some kratom secrets.

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When various drug studies are considered, Kratom can be termed as a comparatively recent discovery. Especially if you consider the United States, the use of this natural herb and its medicinal properties in the form of botanical supplements has been done quite recently. The leaves of kratom tree are utilized by many, they are consumed either raw, or leaves are dried and brewed as a tea. The best technique involves drying the leaves of Kratom and crushing them later into a powdered form that could be easily consumed.

How should it be taken?

Since it is a herb from trees, it very well is taken in a wide range of ways. Initially, in Southeast Asia, Kratom was plucked out from trees, the veins of the new leaves were removed, and these freshly harvested leaves were consumed. This harvesting and consuming method can be done with dried leaves as well; hence in the modern-day, the leaves are harvested and dried to be crushed later and consumed in their powder form. Kratom was liked by many and has been consumed in the form of tea in recent years. People are often drawn to the tea version of Kratom. This allows them to have the taste of different flavored teas, which they like to consume with the benefits of Kratom.

Most frequently, when individuals buy Kratom, they get it in the form of powder. This powder can then be blended into drinks. Mixing Kratom into citrus juice, like squeezed orange or lemonades, is ideal among numerous customers because the citrus juices accentuate the effects of the powder. You will see an instant activation of Kratom’s properties, and it produces results all the more rapidly.

One more typical present-day technique for ingesting Kratom is classified as “throw and wash.” With this approach of taking Kratom, the client takes a spoon or two of the powder and swallows it in a go. They then wash it down with water or any beverage of their choice. This way, they can enjoy the flavor of the beverage they like to drink and still enjoy the effects of Kratom. 

Let’s have an elaborate look at the techniques of consumption and how people can enjoy their Kratom. 

“Toss and wash” method.

This kratom-consuming technique is a genuinely basic strategy and works admirably well with Kratom lovers. It makes you experience the bitter powdery taste as little as could be expected, and it doesn’t let the powder get stuck in your mouth.

It goes very well, maybe with water, squeezed lemon, orange, or any other fruit. You can also take in your favorite smoothie or canned juice to top it off. Not only this, there are different options of beverages available that can be easily taken after swallowing this powder. For instance, many people are fixated with the taste of their energy drinks and might have developed a taste for a particular drink that they don’t want to change. If this is the case, then you would be happy to follow this method. You just have to take a gulp of your powder with the drink of your choice to wash it down your throat. Eating the powder can make it get lumpy and stuck in your mouth but washing it down with drinks of choice eliminates the bitter taste of Kratom while filling your mouth with the taste you like. 

The technique is admired by many as the harsh flavor of Kratom is dramatically cut down with the taste of the drinks:

– sip a little water and hold it in your mouth.

– Then, at that point, take three fourth or one spoonful of powder.

– Now, at this point, you have to take another sip of water. Gulp down your throat as fast as possible to avoid your taste buds getting affected due to the flavor of the powder.

– You can repeat this process as many times as you think is the correct dosage for your body. 

Kratom tea

Kratom tea
Kratom Tea

With this simple kratom tea formula, you can partake in the advantages of kratom powder in a delicate, delectable beverage. Regardless of whether the tea is hot or refreshingly cool, like Ice Tea, the impact and effects of Kratom will not be lost when taken with any form of tea.

For millennia, many societies have taken the leaves and chewed them for their essence or ground to form a powder, while many have brewed it like tea to make it taste better. Why? The elements in the Kratom permit the strong alkaloids to be delivered quicker than biting on new leaves. When it gets into the water, the alkaloids are assimilated into your system and circulate at a faster rate.

Hot water doesn’t harm the psychoactive alkaloids in Kratom. In contrast with the plants like poppy, Kratom alkaloids are amazingly steady in temperatures a long way past what your water can reach.

How to brew?

  • To begin making tea, you need to take water in a pot and turn on the gas to heat the water.
  • When the water is hot enough, add two spoons of dried leaves Stored in the box or container. Make sure to close the top of the holder each time you utilize the tea leaves. It is important That your tea leaves stay away from moisture, assuming that you plan to keep the dried leaves fresh for long.
  • Let kratom leaves boil for some time with the water until the water Boils down to half the quantity taken.
  • Switch off the gas, cover the pot and leave it for around 3 to 4 minutes.
  • In 5 minutes, you will see the leaves will settle down at the base. You can remove the top and strain out the leaves from the liquid at this time.
  • You can add any addition to this liquid. For example, you can add lemon to your kratom tea.
  • You can add powdered sugar or honey to this liquid if you like sweet.


The best way of consuming Kratom differs from one person to another. The powder is the most widely recognized type of Kratom accessible, and it’s appealing due to its ease. Nonetheless, the harsh and bitter flavor can be concerning, so there are other ways to consume it. You can always choose the way that you find most appealing without thinking about the impact. Kratom will have similar effects taken in any way.

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