5 types of safe cannabis packaging methods for customer satisfaction.

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The times of distributing weed in small opaque bags have gone. There is a wide range of cannabis-based products that have attained legal status by the government, from oils to edibles, flowers, or tinctures; every unit should be packed differently for safe handling. How you bundle and pack them truly matters.

Proper packaging keeps your item fresh for a long time and gives important information about the product. In addition, it offers you incredible chances for marking the product details. The cannabis industry is developing dramatically with legal support. Research shows the legitimate joint deals of weed for clinical and recreational use are estimated to reach $40 billion five years.

The packaging market is on the ascent also, which is estimated to grow with the cannabis industry. It is estimated that the growth will be three times the current scenario. No matter what type of product you sell, there are numerous cannabis, hemp, marijuana, and CBD bundling choices. Here this article will discuss the most important packaging choices –

1. In containers that can be resealed

Cannabis packaging

Since cannabis is a dried plant item, you really want to pack it in a way that safeguards it from dampness and daylight. It must be packaged so that its natural properties are not lost during transit and remain fresh for a longer time.

Utilize cannabis packaging technique that is resealable, similar to that of homegrown teas. Many states require child-proof seals while bundling flowers and leaves. This incorporates locking screw tops, plastic slides, or any seal that locks. Resealable implies a completely closed compartment or, in any case, does not include any functional taps or valves and is made of a material that does not get damaged easily. It should be easy to seal off the contents from the atmosphere outside every time the lid is closed. It should completely shut off the ingredients from any interactions, this way; you can save your stuff from getting soggy and damp. Your products remain fresh for a longer period.

This is one of the best options for packaging your cannabis products as they do not get affected by the outside temperature, moisture, etc., and remain safe in transit as well. Since it is resealable, the contents can just be taken out and used and again kept back in safety.

2. Use plastic vials for tinctures and extracts.

Plastic vials function admirably for packing single marijuana cigarettes or small amounts of extracts in addition to little amounts of weed leaves and flowers. A significant number of these vials incorporate child proof covers and open by pushing down and turning, like the medication bottles you receive for other issues from hospitals, to prevent children from getting their hands on this.

Along these lines, these vials additionally function admirably for clinical weed items. They are also simple to name. It is a little glass or plastic vessel or container, frequently used to store medicine as fluids, powders, or cases.

3. Glass containers and bottles

cannabis in glass

Glass containers or jars allow the clients to see the item present in it prior to opening it. This is particularly appropriate for cannabis products as the customers can see through the glass how fresh the flowers and leaves are and would trust your brand when they see your confidence. The glass jar shows your trust in the product you are selling so that the customers can see how premium your product is.

These are the most unmistakable pieces of the plant, so utilizing glass or weed packs that incorporate a transparent window to show the product off is chosen by the customer. The leaves and flowers likewise contain a flavorful taste and aroma relying upon the strain. You need to safeguard these with water/airproof bundling to guarantee the ideal client experience. Glass is known for not responding to most synthetic substances. This implies the THC or other dynamic synthetics won’t siphon into the bundling. It is also an ideal option to pack your tinctures or concentrates for easy use and long-lasting.

4. Use tin or metal containers.

Tin holders normally have a reasonable plastic window that ensures the customers can see through the item. Strong tops keep out dampness and daylight, so the item stays new and safeguarded.

You can vacuum seal these holders with a shriveling wrap to hold item properties. Clear tops function admirably for showing your item. These make it workable for a budtender to open so clients can smell prior to purchasing.

Tin’s fundamental refining process makes it engaging for assembling. Tin likewise doesn’t get oxidized or corrode easily, which is the reason it is recommended for jars. An advanced metal galvanized can is really produced using steel covered with an exceptionally meager layer of tin to keep the steel from getting oxidized.

5. Use Plastic Mylar bags.

cannabis in plastic bag

This is the best option if you have a limit on your expenditure. Organizations regularly use Mylar (plastic) sacks for packing food sources and other natural products. These function admirably for pot and CBD bundling as well since they can hold a lot of products easily and are not difficult to name. Rather than utilizing totally clear bags, bundle items in slightly translucent or opaque packs with plastic windows.

This is significant on the grounds that you would not need to make any references to the days when weed was unlawfully and was distributed in plastic baggies. Utilizing mylar packs with clear plastic windows gives a professionally packaged look to your product while allowing the customers to get a peek of the item inside. It is a reasonable material produced using polyester gum. Its upgraded obstruction properties, Mylar appropriately, has also changed over as an electric cover, making Mylar sacks ideal for packing gadgets.


With the legal status of weed and cannabis changing over time, more weed associations are increasingly searching for answers to assist with mechanizing their weed packaging processes. Weed or cannabis associations have connected with good packaging machine providers for smoothing out the packing tasks for a really long time. The mechanized weed bundling filling and gauging frameworks are the ideal bundling answers for leaves, flowers, edibles, chewy candies, and CBD items. Assuming you have inquiries regarding weed bundling and might want to talk with an expert in packaging, kindly reach out to us about the best in business.

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