Weed Guide: How To Dry Weed Fast

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You might know how to grow weed and marijuana plants and how to harvest them! How invigorating!

But then, the point at which the subject of cultivating weed plants becomes truly vital is its utilization. Whatever you consider next will either result in your cupboards overflowing with wet buds and them becoming completely useless when not properly dried or being most useful when dried properly.

Fortunately, we’re here to set you up for the eagerly awaited day when your plant gets done with the harvesting and is ready for consumption. This article will help you understand the steps to achieve the state of dry ready to use weed.

How to quickly dry cannabis, and is it right to use the method?

Your buds should be thoroughly dried before you can even consider using them. Buds that aren’t dry might not burn evenly; lighting and crushing it can be challenging. You could decide to use a wet item for different purposes, for example, manufacturing hash.

It requires some investment to dry weed accurately. The slower you go, the more charming your smoking experience will be. As large numbers of your buds have to be useful on harvesting, they ought to be appropriately dried and restored; if not immediately dried, a large number of buds can go useless.

In any case, there are circumstances when you might have to accelerate the technique a little bit. You will be enticed to dry some of the buds faster for quick utilization. But knowing the consequences, it is always recommended to wait.

Assuming you need to hustle the drying system, your item will look very “green.” This is on the grounds that putting the plant under pressure to dispose of dampness quickly causes the cell dividers to break and chlorophyll to spill out.

Whenever the bud is appropriately dried nonetheless, chlorophyll separates into various, better, and crazier smelling terpenes. It takes essentially longer, yet the final result is far more prevalent. Relieving it also helps this. Weed that has been dried at temperatures higher than 72 degrees Fahrenheit has a penchant for becoming fresh and can consume incredibly hot and cruelly.



We’ve all been there. When you are looking at a pack of excessively moist or even wet weeds, that simply isn’t consumable. You may have buds from a couple of plants that are late trimmed, and now you can hardly wait for everything to be completely dried and restored, or perhaps your seller might have sold you something not ideal for immediate use, but you can’t wait to use it.

In either case, it’s irritating! Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help the cycle along a bit.

As you’ll see, the quickest method for drying weed isn’t sure the correct method for making it happen. Nevertheless, there’s a period and a spot for these strategies. We’ve all needed to utilize them eventually, and assuming somebody says they’ve never rushed a bud along; they’re presumably lying.


When you can hardly wait 15 or 20 minutes for your weed, you can continuously utilize your microwave. Smokeable (assuming you can call it that) in only seconds, the nature of the subsequent weed is uncertain, most definitely.

When you can’t wait to fill your rolling papers with your item, this is without a doubt the quickest technique. While this technique is winning amongst others, it’s exciting to realize that it is feasible for truly desperate times!

Set your microwave to around half power or less and spread your buds on a microwavable plate. Give your buds a round of 10 seconds all at once and check after each cook. They will be done in only a couple of minutes.

Assuming you do coincidentally overdry your buds, you can reestablish some dampness to them utilizing a ziplock pack and some orange strip. A couple of hours in there with the strip, and your weed will be moist again.


As opposed to speeding the drying of your newly developed Grade-A smoke, you may be doing a reasonable thing by allowing it to dry and fix appropriately. Be that as it may, assuming you run out of your own provisions meanwhile, it very well, maybe a couple of days until you can restock.

To quickly dry a couple of little buds to keep you full for a couple of days, think about utilizing a tungsten light bulb. They give a really steady heat and power underneath 100w; you get proper drying of your reserve. 

Try to turn your buds often for around 10 to 15 minutes. When they start to feel dry all through, they’re good to go. Going from saturated to smokeable in under an hour will bring about some questionable tasting weed!


Maybe the slowest way of getting your weed dry quickly is by utilizing a food dehydrator. Instead of other edibles, put your buds in there and use them to dehydrate in a similar way as you would with some other food items. Since it requires 12 hours rather than 10 minutes, the taste is far superior to the weed prepared using the other drying methods.


Drying your buds requires heat, which can be incredibly harmful to your buds. The secret to speedy drying of your buds with intense outcomes is to pick a strategy that creates a harmony between how much heat you apply and the time taken by your buds to dry.

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