Pesa mushrooms – Learn how the magic works?

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Mushrooms have been around for as long as men have lived. People have been using different techniques on these mushrooms to understand the effects it has on one’s body. People have been using mushrooms for recreational and medicinal purposes for ages. The roots of using mushrooms have been dated back to the ancient Greek era. You can find that there are hundreds of different Strains of Mushrooms available. Identifying these mushrooms is very important because some of them might look good but can be fatal. It is an important saying in Japan that the more beautiful a mushroom looks, the more deadly it is. Sticking to Good strains that are certified by experts is the best way to experience The Amazing effects of these magic mushrooms.

PESA mushrooms are one of the different magic mushroom strains available. As the name suggests PESA has an Amazonian background.  The “A” in PESA stands for amazonian. It is one of the psilocybe cubensis strains. Many other mushroom strains are psychedelic in nature. These mushrooms are also known as magic mushrooms.  The other mushroom strain that has a similar fanbase is Psilocybe semilanceata. Although the people Consuming these mushrooms are related to the areas where these mushrooms are naturally found.

For example, Psilocybe semilanceata is a strain of Magic mushroom that is much more famous in areas that have a colder habitat. The areas that cover North America and Europe have a huge fan base for it. But the PESA mushroom is a  psilocybe cubensis and since these strains are grown in a much hot place and required tropical climatic conditions hence they are more famous in areas naturally supporting this mushroom’s growth.

The PESA strain, all needs a hot climate but is very famous all around the world. People who have used the strain and are mesmerized by its taste are making it popular among all magic mushroom lovers.

About PESA strain

If you are someone who has an interest in experiencing different psychedelic components to find the authentic flavors providing ultimate pleasure then you are in for some good advice. The most experienced shroomers have tried and tested the strain and are really happy with the results. They are often seen praising the effects of Pesa as the best cubensis strain. The versatility of this strain has shown makes it perfect for any occasion or event, if you are planning a get-together.

You can also surprise your friends or family members who are interested in trying new content that gives them pleasure. you will find yourself at the end of praises if you are giving this to the right person. Trying this with your friends on Thanksgiving can be another tradition that you can follow for holidays. Like other magic mushrooms, the main components of PESA are also psilocin and psilocybin.  you would know by now that all the magic mushrooms have these two contents as their mean composition there is only a slight difference in other components that it makes them different. Both these components are known for giving you psychedelic pleasure and the feeling of “High” you have never experienced before. 


As mentioned earlier, identifying mushrooms is very important. You should always know how a mushroom strain looks before you are headed to buy it. For example, there might be a very close resemblance of two different mushrooms but can have totally different effects. It is best that you carefully study the details of how a PESA mushroom looks so that you don’t make a mistake while actually buying the mushroom. 

The color of this mushroom is slightly light. You can call it a golden brown color. Some Shades are a little darker and make a copper-colored shade. So the color range lies between light golden brown to Copper. You should also know that when mushrooms are cut open they turn bluish. These are really dense fruits and have a nippled crown. When cutting the first turn into dark grey color which with time turns into dark purplish-brown the edges are still white and look mottled. 

The size should also be taken into account. You would see that the size of these mushrooms is between small to medium. if they are very big then they are not PESA mushrooms. If you are looking for these magic mushrooms and someone offers you big mushrooms that have a golden copper brown shade selling you in the name of PESA, you would know that it is a fake and you can save yourself from getting cheated. 

Dried Shrooms


As the name suggests PESA mushrooms have an Amazonian background, which refers to horrid and tropical temperatures. This strain of mushroom multiplies really fast. You can see the colonization happening really early as compared to any other strain of Mushrooms given the habitat, environment, and temperature for growth are optimum. Since it requires a hot climate And mostly grows in tropical areas the temperature requirement for the mushroom to grow can be anywhere around 84 to 87 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the minimum temperature requirement if you are looking for colonization of Mushrooms. If you are interested in the fruiting period of mushrooms then the temperature during this period can be anywhere around 75 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. 

These mushrooms are really aggressive when it comes to colonization. So if you are looking for a powerful and potential mushroom with good to excellent psychedelic effects then you should definitely try these mushrooms.

Last but not the least

You should always remember that there are tons of strains that are available in the market. but if you are looking for something that is authentic and has a great potential in providing psychedelic pleasure then this is the strain you should look for. If you want a strain that is good at events and get-togethers that you can try with your friends and have a good time of your life then you should try the PESA strain and you will not regret your decisions. 

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