10 advantages and disadvantages of growing auto-flowering seeds

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Very few today would know about the Ruderalis strain. It was one of the very old strains that existed a few decades back but never found a popular fan base. The input involved in growing this strain was a lot, and the outcome received from this strain was not giving much profits. This plant’s yield was very low hence was not a very good option for cultivators to invest their time, money, and effort in. One thing was very appealing and advantageous about this strain -It was auto-flowering.

The experts studied these strains, and after a lot of research and hybridization, different strains have been made that can automatically start flowering without any light cycle changes. Normally, different cross-breeding was done, where Indica and Sativa strains were crossed with the ruderalis strain to bring up products that could easily start flowering without much effort. 

If you are yet to start growing autoflowers, you might be wondering whether it is a good idea for you. If you know how much it takes for a plant to turn from a vegetative state to a flowering stage and the efforts involved in this process, you would definitely want to buy autoflower seeds for your next crop cultivation. 


Advantages of auto-flowering seeds


  • You can get a better harvest as flowering is fast.

Autoflowering plants grow rapidly and bloom significantly quicker than the photoperiod others have. For instance, some autoflowers can blossom in just three weeks to 30 days after sowing the seed. Many photoperiod assortments require a long time before moving into the flowering stage. Assuming you are looking for the quickest reap, auto-flowering seeds are the best option.

  • This would be an issue as the plants are compact and small.

Perhaps the greatest benefit (out of numerous upsides and downsides of auto-flowering seeds) is the size of the plant. As a result of the ruderalis weed legacy, auto-flowering weed plants will generally take less space and are much smaller in length when compared to common Indica, Sativa, or hybrid weed plants.

This small size makes auto-flowering weed plants appropriate for cultivation in small spaces, like a storage room or your backyard. Their size additionally makes it easier to take care of. It’s basic – assuming that the weed plant grows to a length past six feet, and you can’t confirm its highest point. Nonetheless, these auto-flowering seeds seldom surpass four feet, so managing them is not very difficult, and caring for them during the various phases of their development becomes effortless.

  • Light cycle changes don’t need to be looked after

Many weed plants need a lot of effort, time, and money to grow and develop into one of the best strains. When cultivators purchase strains of seeds like the Haze seeds or the high THC seeds, the auto-flowering seeds are also very popular among cultivators. Unlike the other seeds growing, the auto-flowering plants are much easier and effortless. As the cultivators grow any other crop, they have to work towards the light cycle changes to bring the plants from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage. This effort is completely removed from the auto-flowering plants as they can change from vegetative stage to flowering stage without any external efforts. 

  • Multiple harvests can be made.

With auto-flowering plants, the number of crops can be more than one. The biggest and one of the most profitable aspects of auto-flowering plants is the multiple crops they can generate in a year. The transitioning of the plant from vegetative to flowering stage is removed, so they can give you multiple harvesting opportunities. 

  • Best crop for first-timers


As the efforts involved in growing in any other weed crop require a lot more expertise, this is the best crop for beginners. The basic requirement for growing the auto flower plants is that they need to be sewn into the soil properly, water and nutrition should be provided timely. There is no other expert knowledge involved in growing these crops; hence they can be the best option for first-timers to learn and gain profit. Once they are thorough with these plants, they can go ahead with other seeds like the feminized seeds, the hybrid seeds, or the haze seeds.

Disadvantages of auto-flowering plants

  • Comparatively less yield

It is known that auto-flowering plants can provide multiple crops in a year, but it is not necessary that every crop can yield a higher output. The crop is much smaller and compact compared to other weed counterparts, even the yield of this plant is less than any other Indica, Sativa, or hybrid crop.

  • THC content is low

Just like the comparison with other Indica, Sativa seeds and hybrid seeds plants, this plant is smaller and compact in size, and so is the THC content. If you are looking for a plant with high THC, you should not start with auto-flowering plants. These plants have a good amount of CBD, but THC is comparatively on the lower side. 


As you can see, the auto-flowering plants are in demand for those who have stepped into weed cultivation and are in the early stages. Those who want less effort and a moderate yield can definitely find the auto-flowering plants to be the best option for them. This can be the starter weed; once knowledge is gained, you can also move ahead to understand and grow other weeds. These have a lot of advantages and disadvantages, but when you observe closely, there are more advantages to this plant than disadvantages. 

As you can see, this is a plant that you can grow in really confined areas and doesn’t require much time and effort to give good outputs. You can choose in-home spaces like the balcony of the backyard or your kitchen garden; any space is enough for it to grow and give a good result. The best part is you don’t need to look after the light cycle changes for the plant to start flowering. Begin your wheat cultivation with auto-flowering seeds and expect good results. 


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