Willy’s wonder- first hand review of this uniquely rare strain

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Have you ever had a chance to try a unique and legendary strain that you might not have tried or heard of recently? If the answer is yes, here is the review for a uniquely rare strain famous during the seventies and eighties but has left the chart in recent times. Listed under the legendary strains coveted to this day it is none other than willy’s wonder or William’s wonder as it was called back in the day. If you are interested in knowing more about this strain, stick to this article to know every detailed specification of this strain.

Before moving ahead with reviews, many would still be wondering what exactly Willy’s wonder is. Those who know would agree that the position this strain has made for itself in the 80s is unachievable even today. There was buzz back in the day that only the ones who had consumed this and knew about the mesmerizing effects were true cannabis experts. If you, too, are ready to become a pro in knowing everything about marijuana and want to understand the unique strains of all times, then hop onto this amazing journey of cannabis enlightenment.

What is a William wonder strain?

William’s wonder, commonly referred to as willy’s wonder is a very famous strain from the 70s and 80s. It is believed that the strain made its debut in the late 70s and early eighties and became an instant hit among Cannabis lovers. People who had already been trying different strains at that time were blown away by the fresh flavors and effects this strain brought into their life. Word of mouth spread, and soon enough, it gained popularity to become the most loved and unique strain of the time.







Very Low



The actual whereabouts of the origin of this stream are yet unknown, but many believe that Sam the skunk man, and the secret seeds had something to do with this. This had started in the 1970s is what experts today believe. In the early years of getting to know this strain, only the people who loved experimenting with different strains would like the taste of this strain, and consumption was confined to the group of people who enjoyed new and unique weed experiences. 

Some believe it to be a hybrid originating from the afghan indicas. The after-use experiences are close to the afghan strains, but the origin can not be claimed for sure to have come from the Afghanistan strain.

The catalog appearance of the strains was around the late eighties. It was the time when the popularity of unique strains was growing to enter the mainstream weed strains. To be more precise, it was the SSSC breeders whose catalogs first featured these strings. They were also known to have acquired quite many stocks of strains like the sacred seeds before bringing in Willy’s wonder stream into their catalogs.



Marijuana leaf

Green-yellowish color with hints of red



Tropical fruit, Citrus dominancy, pungent, piney, Sweet and sour blend

Common Usage

marijuana usage

Depression, Stress, Inflammation, loss of appetite, Anxiety, pain, insomnia,  

After Effects

marijuana effects

Happy, Sleepy, Relaxed, Euphoric pleasure, Tingly 

Detailed overview

The flavor of this strain

The buds of this strain tend to have green, yellow and red-colored hints to them. You can almost have a look and pretty much guess the strain right away. If you are an expert in the different strains and understand the small differences in their appearances, you can easily distinguish this strain from others. It might be a bit difficult for first-timers. If the appearance of the strain is something you are not sure of and can easily get confused by the looks, then you can always look for the different flavors they have. Below are the flavors you would experience for the first time when trying this strain.

  • Right, when you start with holding the strain in your hand, you can smell a tropical fruity flavor more on a citrusy side. You can also just call it citrusy because of the strain’s dominant citrusy smell. You will definitely get the pot waves when you smell the strain, but this vibe is dominated by the citrus flavor that feels like a tropical fruit.
  • Just like tropical fruit, the taste is also a blend of sweet and sour. And if you are a new smoker, then you would not have anything to compare it to. It is also recommended to not start this strain as a beginner. Once you are aware of different flavors and effects of other cannabis products you would understand and truly enjoy the taste this strain can provide. 

When and who uses it?

  • When– It can be used any time of the day; if you want to feel the high head effect, then you have to understand being an Indica dominant strain, it will have similar effects on your body like any other Indica strain, so this strain doesn’t give energetic after-effects, but if you are looking for relaxation you can’t skip this strain. There is no particular time for consumption, but it is recommended you choose a time when you are ready to enjoy the euphoric experience imparted by this train. If you are in need of body relaxation, make sure you are prepared to enjoy the euphoric effect and not take up any other vital work.
  • Who– It is the best flavor to move into the pro-cannabis user zone. It is recommended that you have some level of Cannabis consumption experience before moving onto this legendary strain. Many users find this to be the perfect weekend relaxation after a long and hard week. Smoke and relax on your perfect couch to enjoy the pot experience better. Even if you are a new Cannabis user and have had the experience of Cannabis consumption but or not gotten used to the experience well enough for a longer period, you must avoid smoking this strain. As you would not be able to enjoy the flavors and understand the effect that makes it legendary.

What are the common uses of this strain?

As it is clear that this strain is meant to provide high levels of relaxation, caregivers have understood the benefits this string can provide and recommend it to weed users if they are suffering from any of the following problems.


This is one of the most common problems that people suffer from due to the Lifestyle people follow nowadays. The peer pressure people experience to keep the work-life balance stable often leads to unwanted mental problems. This strain has a very effective way of dealing with depression and anxiety disorders and can help better in the treatment.


This is another side effect of the uneven Lifestyle. People often dealing with anxiety disorders have also complained about problems with sleeping and insomnia. This indica dominant strain has a body high effect that helps people suffering from insomnia stabilize their sleeping patterns.

Loss of appetite- 

With the growing age of social networks, being presentable has become necessary. This has its own pros and cons, but it leads to pressure being felt by the users. Often It is seen that teenagers are more likely to get affected by this pressure, and they grow up to become anorexic. This problem is also dealt with by the use of this Weed. The relaxed feeling of the body sends a signal to the mind to balance the loss of appetite. It helps the person suffering by instigating a happy feeling and encouraging them to eat.

Pain and inflammation- 

Many times it is seen that not a direct disease but the treatment of some diseases might be painful. There are also medications whose side effects can cause inflammation and pain in a certain part of the body. The person suffering from the pain and inflammation might find it very difficult to conduct even the daily chores. Even the sleep cycles of the person suffering can get disturbed due to the pain. For people with chronic pain and inflammation, this strain acts as relaxation support and helps them with the pain. It helps them stabilize their sleeping patterns while effectively helping to fight the pain. 

How do users commonly feel after consumption of this strain?

marijuana strain in plastic bottle

As you know, every user can have different effects of Weed on their system depending on how the body reacts to the strain. Although, certain common after-effects that people feel on the consumption of this strain are mentioned below.

Positive effects-


The most known and best after-effect is a person feeling relaxed and happy after consuming the strain. It is meant for people who are looking for a break from hectic work life.

Euphoric pleasure- 

People looking for a different strain to attain euphoric pleasure are pleasantly surprised by this. The psychedelic effects this strain can have on a person by giving them a body high is incomparable.

Tingling effect-

 Many people who have used this strain also experience a tingling effect which they find out of this world. 

Negative effects

There are almost no to very few negative side effects of consuming this strain. Rarely do people complain about the negative effects of this strain. But even those who experience the negative effects are quoted as dizziness, dry mouth, and dry eyes.

Here are some genuine first-hand reviews of regular users of this strain.

User 1- 

I got a pound of this stuff from a private grow in Colorado and Jesus! never had anything besides hash that kept me high through the night until the next morning. Very powerful and very dense Chrome cover. If I smoke too much my thoughts loop. Learnt a lot about the strain , and wonder why proper Medical Research is not made on this stream to help the plant for again. seeing the potential it has.

User 2-

This is the only strain that was perfect for me back in the days, I can’t believe it’s still around. I need some seeds, will you please point me in the right direction? Google search just shows detailed info and sketchy sales websites that I’m not sure I can trust.

User 3-

Don’t do too much, strain is not good for beginners. Can feel paranoid and anxious if taken by first timers. Strong as hell !

User 4-

Northern California, and California as a whole has been at this scene for decades.. and has attempted legalization multiple times. The only reason we haven’t succeeded is because we are such a large state with a very large demographic of people. Unless people know the real potential this strain has, they know nothing.

User 5-

I have MS, Anxiety, Opiate addiction, depression and sleep problems all of which can be helped by this Weed. Recommended by a friend who had similar problems but is in good health today.

User 6-

Don’t understand the hype, the after-effects might be good but the dry mouth nobody is talking about. Would like to cross use this with northern light, heard that combination is dope.

User 7-

I wish all people could experience this and have their stubborn minds changed. If you have never smoked this Weed you have not experienced real Cannabis yet. If I could, I would dare people to try this strain and then tell me why not. The pungent citrus smell is so captivating you would want more.


If you are a regular Cannabis user and are on a constant lookout for something that can give you pleasure, then try this strain. The Williams wonder is one of the unique and legendary strains people have been in love with for ages. If you ever wonder about trying something new, skip the regular Cannabis available in the market and search for the Williams wonder strain to understand why this was an A-lister in the eighties.

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