Rainbow Kush Marijuana Strain ( Detailed Review)

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If you are a Cannabis lover, then you would know there are different strains that people love to consume; one such strain is the rainbow kush. If you are one of the admirers of this strain, then you would definitely want to learn everything about this. Here are some points that would help you to understand and identify the rainbow kush strains.

What does it look like?

Starting with the appearances, it is not very hard to identify the rainbow kush strain. They have very distinctive purple, blue, and cool green tones with hints of white, making them look like a rainbow’s colors. You can call it one of the most colorful strains of all. You might wonder, not all colors of the rainbow are there in this plant, so why call it the rainbow kush. Then you would be pleasantly surprised to know that as the plant turns to its flowering stage, more colors are added, and it looks almost nearing the color palette of a rainbow. It is so colorful; the name correctly suits the strain.

As the flowering stage of this strain is nearing, you can find hints of fiery red and orange color on the plant, which makes it look even more colorful and attractive. Without any doubt, you can call it one of the most visually appealing strains of all. The vibrant colors are much visible during the flowering stage. So you can say that the flowering stage of this strain brings out the beauty of this plant. If you are growing it on your farm, you can see the gradual transformation from the green tones to vibrant, colorful tones to accept how the name is justified.

What does it smell like?

Just as the name given to the strain justifies the palette of colors it has, it also has a wide array of fragrances and flavors that it can offer to consumers. People not only find the vibrant colors appealing but the different flavors and aromas it has to offer are another reason that makes it so popular. When you see this strain personally, and then you compare it with the one shown on a video or the internet, it might look very different from what it actually looks like. The drastic difference you would find in the photos and the real stream can tell you the level of tempering done with the real strain appearances. So does the information on the fragrance of this strain cannot be all true, but still, there is some truth involved when you say that the flavors and fragrances cannot be limited to one or two. There are many flavors that you can experience, like earthy, fruity, piney, to name a few. 

How potent is this strain?

If you have any doubts about the THC content and CBD content of this stream, here is some information that can clear your thoughts and give you an idea about how potent this strain is. 






Very Low



CBD- After being studied by many researchers, it is believed that the CBD content in this strain is near about one percent. To be more precise, it is even less than a percent, but you can expect a CBD level of 1%. If you are looking to know the highest level of CBD that this strain has, then for your information, this level has not exceeded one percent as recorded by multiple researchers.

THC- Just like for CBD, researchers have also tested it for the highest THC content this strain can have, but multiple researchers have not recorded any level higher than 20%.So if you are looking for the THC levels, then they can range anywhere between 15 to 20%. Twenty is the highest of all. 

What are the different strains that you can confuse for rainbow kush?

There are quite a few strains that might look similar or might smell nearly similar to the rainbow strain. All these strains have some of the other differences from the rainbow course that you need to notice to avoid any confusion. 

Triangle kush

 A cross between the Emerald triangle and the Hindu Kush, This is a strain whose potential can feel very similar to the rainbow question when explained. Being an Indica dominant strain, it has many qualities that can feel like a rainbow kush. But having said that, there are many differences that can easily let you know how the strain you have is not a rainbow kush. For instance, the first difference you can notice is the appearance of this bud; you will find that a mature bud of triangle kush doesn’t have as many colors as a rainbow kush bud would have. Also, unlike the other Indica dominant kush, instead of feeling more relaxed, you feel energized and chatty.

Rainbow Flame– 

As the name of this strain is slightly similar to rainbow kush, it can cause a lot of confusion for beginners who want to try rainbow kush strain. But if you know beforehand how there are slight differences, that can help you choose the strain you actually want to have. For instance, the Indica and Sativa balance, as you know, the rainbow strain has an Indica dominance, but for the rainbow flame, it is slightly different. For this strain, the Sativa and Indica are equally balanced out. Hence you can also say that the rainbow flame is not as important as the rainbow Kush, so you have to decide for yourself which train you are ready to use. 

Medical benefits of rainbow Kush

Rainbow Kush is becoming one of the most popular strains out of all other strains because of the relaxation you get from consuming it without having any major side effects. The number of consumers of this product is increasing every day because of not only the pleasure and relaxation this product gives them but also because of the medicinal effects it has on their bodies. Some of the popular benefits of using this strain are as follows.

  • relief from back pain
  • reduction in inflammation.
  • Helpful in loss of appetite and nausea.
  • Relief from muscular stiffness and pain. 

How to grow Rainbow Kush strain?


This is an important strain as it is easier for cultivators to grow them. They can grow them both indoors and outdoors at their convenience. If you want to get good output from this strain, then you have to create a proper environment. If the surrounding supports the growth of this strain, you can have a very good outcome. 

The relaxing effects of this strain have made a big fan base for itself. The growing popularity of this strain is inspiring the cultivators to put more time and effort into growing this in their forms or backyards. The ease of growing these strains indoors also makes them a good strain to invest in. If you like to grow marijuana as a hobby, you can try these strains to grow in your home.

The flowering time of these strains is also not very long. They take almost 8 to 9 weeks for their first bloom. The temperature management should be proper for the strain to start flowering in time. It requires almost 75 to 80 degrees in the morning, while at night, this temperature should reduce and range between 65 to 70 degrees.

Final thoughts about the strain

Rainbow Kush strain is a very colorful strain with good potential. TheTHC level might not be very high to have any side effects and not as low to have no effect at all. The CBD and THC are well in range for the person to feel completely relaxed and feel rejuvenated the next day. There is no strain that can be compared to the vibrancy and beauty of the rainbow Kush. You will find that no other strains can have so many colors in their bud. You will also find that the array of aromas and flavors this strain offers is far better than many other strains with similar potential. You cannot compare the looks and Aroma of this strain to any other strain with almost equal potential. There are many other strains that you would find are somewhat similar to this strain, but if you watch closely and understand the minute details, you would understand that it is very easy to differentiate them from the rainbow Kush. So if you are also interested in trying this strain, you should definitely go ahead without any doubt.

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If you are a Cannabis lover, then you would know there are different strains that people love to consume; one such strain is the rainbow kush. If you are one of the admirers of this strain, then you would definitely want to learn everything...Rainbow Kush Marijuana Strain ( Detailed Review)