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Duct tape doesn’t seem like the most alluring name for a strain, and its astounding smell, suggestive of polyethylene, may not tempt everybody, except its hereditary qualities, and surveys propose it is totally worth an attempt to enjoy the amazing effects. The Duct Tape buds are made of purple, lime-green, and olive-green leaves that mix uniformly together. Searing orange pistils are littered about. An illusion is created by the buds because trichomes have greenery developing on them, and patches of yellow are added to them. When this strain is smoked, cheese, earthy, and piney flavors come together to create a pungent smell that gives amazing effects.

With the gassy, chocolate, and piney fragrances of Original Glue (GG#4) and the incense and hash notes of Do-Si-Dos, Duct Tape has a unique taste and smell. The high affects both your mind and body, making this an ideal strain for anybody looking for de-stressing and relaxing.

How it tastes

Skunk Earthy PineyDiesel

All of you are unique, so the experience of this strain would be different for every individual. However, there are certain commonalities that most people agree on. For instance, the taste of this strain is described as skunky, earthy, piney by most of the users. Very few users tend to describe the flavor as something else. one common flavor explanation among those few is also a diesel flavor. This might sound very bizarre, but it is the most general explanation of the flavor given by people who have consumed this strain.

How does it looks?

Duct tape strain’s plant grows 3 to 6 feet tall. These are medium to small sized plants with a low yield. You can see the pieces above. They are bushy and look like a sativa plant but also have indica like grains on them. You can see they are covered with trichomes that look frosty from which they get their THC impacts. You can scarcely see the green bud and orange pistils through all the kief.  The scent of Duct Tape Strain resembles channel tape, it tastes sticky and like a chemical. It is difficult to say for sure what substance  is utilized in duct tape to stick things together; however it should be some way or another connected with the resins from the plants which have comparable properties. These resins contain some sort of sugarset as a trap by plants to prevent the insects from damaging them.

Effects of this strain

Common Positive effectsHappinessRelaxedStress- free
Less common effectsSleepyTingling Dry eyes

The initial Duct Tape experience has been depicted as an underlying cerebral rush followed by a smooth spike of energy. As the terpenes do something amazing for the muscles and nerves of the body, consumers are allegedly able to feel much lighter and move freely. Energy apparently levels off for some consumers as the psychoactive properties of the plant put themselves out there. Reportedly many consumers describe the experience as so overwhelming and relaxing that it opens up their creative doors and makes them feel like taking a meditation class or brainstorming activity. Some people recommend that people who require medical attention for anxiety or panic attacks and do not like to stay sedated can go for this strain. The strain comes highly recommended by people who are affected by stress and find solace in this strain. The reviews given for its pain curbing effects are also top-notch. Dependability and flexibility are the two characteristics heard most frequently about this strain, making Duct Tape certainly worth a more intensive look.

Cannabis Effects

Discussing some of the common positive effects


If you have been feeling gloomy and sad recently, then you should definitely try out this strain. 80% of the users claim to have received an instant boost up and felt a sense of happiness running through when this strain was conceived. At the point when THC hits your system, it makes your brain cells release neurotransmitter dopamine that gives pleasure. It is a chemical compound that induces happiness. This causes you to feel great when you do things that guarantee sustenance. Eating and having sex are included in it. As per the studies carried out on consumers and non-consumers in Colorado and California, analysts found that the individuals who utilized cannabis were mostly joyful. It was likewise observed that cannabis consumers using this strain were more likely to spend money, volunteer for philanthropy services, and get outside more often than the people who are non-users. The concentrate likewise showed that the individuals who utilized cannabis Started using it for more recreational and sporting purposes.


Many times, anxiety, panic attack, and stress can be side effects of chronic pain due to some other conditions. THC present in the strain is responsible for the psychotropic properties. Since they affect neuropathy, it is easier for the duct tape strain to alleviate the pain and thereby reduce stress and anxiety to a lot of extents. The absence of rest or issues in sleeping is another main consideration adding to sadness and other emotional wellness issues. Often not getting sufficient rest is the main reason behind some of these issues. Consuming this strain briefly to address the issue and to handle other related issues can assist with mental issues. It is alright to involve some strains like this for the treatment of different psychological instabilities under a specialist’s supervision. There is a ton of chance that it won’t give wanted outcomes without understanding and consuming an appropriate dose. Specialists have started investigating different strains and their benefits for the therapy of patients dealing with a lot of mental issues. Individuals who are suffering from various issues that are not getting better with modern medicine and need treatment are searching out choices to assist them with their problems. 


Beta MyrceneLimonene:THCBeta Caryophyllene:THC-ACBG-A

The rare combination of the terpenes and THC mentioned in the table makes this strain unique. The combination of these ingredients in this particular composition gives the balanced and relaxing effect that people talk about when they consume this strain.

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Few questions answered-

What are the shades of duct tape?

The Duct Tape buds are made of purple, lime-green, and forest green leaves that mix together. Blazing orange pistils are liberally dispersed, while brilliant trichomes give the deception of greenery on the buds.

What effects does this strain have?

Clients report an underlying cerebral rush followed by gentle spikes of energy. As the terpenes do something amazing for the muscles and nerves of the body, clients say they feel lighter and move all the more uninhibitedly. They propose their energy apparently levels off as the psychoactive properties of the plant put themselves out there. This allegedly considered an unfenced imaginative idea.

Is Duct Tape an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Duct Tape is an equally adjusted mixture, roughly half Sativa and half Indica.

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