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White Berry, otherwise called “White Raspberry,” is an adaptable Indica weed strain that produces soothing results while giving its customers additional energy. At the point when White Berry is consumed in higher amounts, the general outcome is a Sativa head high impact with a body high like the one achieved through Indica. The people who smoke White Berry especially say it causes them to feel more cheerful and creative. 

White Berry is a cross made from Blueberry and White Widow. This wet bud easily intertwines the flavors and impacts of both of its parents, making a ravishing smoke you’ll not want to forget anytime soon. The insane popularity created by its flavor and fragrance makes the consumers keep coming back for more.

It is a popular plant that is exceptionally quick to blossom and rejuvenate with its greens. Since her seeds have been feminized, White Berry plants are all-female. When this assortment was tried, none of her seeds showed bisexual propensities – there was no solitary male blossom development among these female plants. White Berry is a strain with thin and medium height plants and single-cola predominance.

Quick facts about whiteberry kush

Genetics Climate CBDTHCsativa/indica ratioAverage yieldFlowering period
White widow X blueberryShould be warm0.1 to 0.2%15 to 18%35:65400 to 450 gm/sqm/ 500 g plantLate sept -early oct

Regardless of its simple Indica roots, Berry White will generally be impacted by both Indica and Sativa and radiate effects that are more like a half and a half than a pure strain. This strain offers total elation while loosening up the body and relieving your muscles. After the underlying head rush, a warm shiver fills the body, slipping you into a reflective state and considering the energizers of the strain to kick in. This incites your imaginative capabilities. The perfection of the strain makes it horrendously simple to smoke, so be cautioned that higher dosages will have those light sensations of lethargy turning into a deep sleep state. So if you have any plans of using the creative enlightenment after consuming this strain, then do it as soon as the feeling kicks in. Once you start feeling the relaxation and let your body be, you can fall into a deep state of sleep.

Common usage

Loss of appetite/ anorexiaDepression Anxiety /stress Insomnia 

Patients suffering from mental illnesses love BerryWhite for its medicinal properties, specifically the capacity to battle sleep deprivation or anxiety-related mental disorders. The calming properties in the strain give it the ideal punch to handle even the most obstinate throbs and let you feel serene at a time when your mind doesn’t let you relax normally. Berry White is an incredible strain for treating side effects of panic attacks, stress from work, depression, and many other chronic cases requiring immediate medical help for mental and emotional wellness issues.

Loss of appetite- 

When people are suffering from some medical conditions that can mentally or physically affect their appetite, it is hard for modern medicines to treat such patients properly. When you are using this strain Under medical supervision, then modern medication will help you deal with this condition better. You can see immediate effects on your food intake once you start using this strain. 

Depression/anxiety/ stress-

With people following the modern lifestyle, more and more people are seeing the side effects of these healthy habits. Constant mental stress and pressure lead people to the edge of getting PTSD or depression. You can find people having more panic attacks and anxiety disorders to cope with the current competition. The process of making people healthy and strong needs to be gradual and long-term. But you can always start with the use of this strain and deal with the immediate effects of mental issues. 

Insomnia –

Another side effect of an uneven lifestyle is sleeping disorders and insomnia. These are treatable with modern medicines. But if you are looking for a natural approach to you doing this problem, you can go for this strain. It provides you a body high immediately after using this product, and you can feel yourself lured to the couch to get the required sleep and relaxation. You can talk to your caregiver or medical supervisor and discuss this strain to get the needed help.

Effects of this strain

relaxation/ reliefImproved concentrationIncreased creativityCottonmouth


The most known and best consequence of consuming this strain is an individual feeling cheerful and relaxed. It is intended for people searching for a break from regular monotonous life and wants to look for their creative capabilities.

Euphoric delight-

Individuals searching for an alternate strain to achieve psychedelic delight are astounded by this. The hallucinogenic impacts this strain can have on an individual by giving them a body high is exceptional. Many consume this strain to experience a butterfly effect or tingling, as they call it.

Adverse consequences

There is basically nil to negligible negative impacts of consuming this strain. Seldom do people talk about the adverse consequences of this strain. Be that as it may, even the people who experience some effects are cited as unsteadiness, dry mouth, and dry eyes.


It has a strong fragrance with a sweet berry hint that has a harsh fruity aroma, releasing as the nugs are smoked. The taste is of sweet blueberry with a slightly sour and earthy hint that escalates as you keep on smoking. This bud has airy, small, and frosty round nugs like stones that give off an impression of being a dark shade of green under their thick covering of icy white trichomes. These nugs have inadequate radiant golden hairs and rich blue hints that occasionally appear through the coating, which is again a frosty-looking one. The White Berry high is blissful, and nature’s influence is uplifting; however, it can turn out to give a heaviness to your body if the dose exceeds the limit on one consumption. You’ll quickly feel a flood of good energy running through your body and inspiration that boosts your imagination and enhances your concentration abilities. Assuming the smoking limit is achieved, you’ll be overwhelmed by a strong body buzz that motivates you to power your imagination while bodily you want to sit, relax and soothe your nerves. These impacts and its normal THC level of 16-22% make White Berry the ideal bud for easing out mental pressure, anxiety or uneasiness, gentle instances of migraine, headaches, or even depression. A fruity blend of Sativa mindfulness and enduring Indica will energize your day and unwind its relaxing effects during the evening. The smaller leaves of the plant are worth reusing for a superb marijuana experience.

Some real comments from different cannabis users

"White berry was my first type of weed that I smoked and still remember the feeling. Some strains are unforgettable."
"Sitting' outside enjoying the beautiful weather and my whiteberry strain."
"Hey there I used to use an E-nail and before that domeless nail, Vape Pen's but now I use a MoonRock holder from Poetry in Metal with a health stone in it. When the flame is blue you do not get any gas from the jet since it's burnt off with the intense jet. Does not compare to any other way to dab out there yet because I have tired them all minus a new bulb way I seen recently lol. Try it out with the berrywhite, you’ll love it."
"Piney, earthy, piney like earthy flavor. Do not understand the hype, but good to smoke for first-timers."
"Pleasantly surprised by this one.Up until now I was expecting bone dry weed as a side effect of Health regulatories by LPs. the products are being irradiated and flavour is lost.I don't know why but found this Cannabis to have the freshest flavour in a long long time."
"Contracted form it off with Whiteberry strain."

Questions and Answers

1. What flavor from the parent bud is dominant?

White Berry is a cross made from Blueberry and White Widow. The flavors are very special. The Blueberry parent carried on the berry smells, while White Widow is basically an extremely hearty and woody strain. Together the mix can take the customer back to the feels of northern forests, loaded up with pine trees and scrumptious blueberries. Despite the fact that White Berry is an Indica predominant strain, the accomplished highs can be euphoric.

2. How long do the effects stay?

The effects of the white Berry strain stays for quite a long time. An A-lister strain that genuinely took off higher than ever as one of the most mind-blowing Indica’s of the lot. The outcome is a strain that represents the most desirable characteristics of its parent plant. With the slow onset, it settles pleasantly into a soothing buzz, giving the users an ultimate pleasure and relief for hours at a stretch.

3. What effects can you expect with white berry kush?

It gets some components from both its parent strains pleasantly. Similar to many other hybrids, its Sativa side emerges with a lift in mental energy, concentration, and imagination. You’ll encounter a smooth and loosened-up feeling of direction, rather than feeling like you just got hit with high energy. As your high continues, White Berry’s Indica propensities can appear and make a more sedative feeling of body high, where you want to relax on your bed or couch. The people who smoke a lot immediately will get hit with a complete body high that renders them to this body high instantly; they need to be careful with this.

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