Genuine Weed Basics: Learn How To Grind Weed

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Assuming you’ve never utilized a weed or cannabis grinder but have confidence in figuring out how to crush weed, we are here to help you on every step with this overwhelming experience. A grinder is genuinely instinctive and easy to understand. Be that as it may, we’ll direct you bit by bit through your first weed crushing interaction and even toss in a tip or two for when you’re left helpless, focusing on crushing without the grinder.

How to use a cannabis grinder?

Step by step instructions to utilize a cannabis grinder(to utilize a typical four-piece grinder):

Close the top of the grinders so that it fits properly. Once done, give your weed grinder a couple of turns, a bit like opening a can or something along those lines. Notwithstanding, this should be a delicate movement. The opposition you feel will rely upon the nature of your grinders and how well you prepared the nugs. When you get to know your grinder, the number of pivots expected to accomplish the favored fineness is not known. Set in stone, and you can begin with around 7 – 10 turns.

  • The placement of nugs should be between the teeth of the grinders, between the top and grinders segment. Put no bud in the middle, as this is the place where the magnet turns. Leave out any seeds and stems.
  • Grind down the nugs with around ten revolutions until all the bud has fallen through the openings into the capacity chamber-there will be some opposition from the outset, and afterward, it will wind without a hitch.
  • Unscrew the grinders segment and capacity chamber to get your ground up weed, and afterward, use it to pack a bowl or for rolling.
  • The screen in the capacity chamber holds in the ground pot, permitting kief to fall into the kief catcher at the base.
  • Kief can be scooped out and added to the highest point of bowls, squeezed into the hash, or injected into margarine or oil. A few grinders accompany a scratching apparatus, which makes it more straightforward to get kief out of the catcher.
  • You can likewise place a load in the kief catcher to knock tar off the screen and into the kief catcher. A perfect penny or nickel will work.
  • You can likewise store weed for later in the capacity chamber.

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Why do you need one?

Assuming you understand this, odds are good that you’re all around familiar with this plant and have been getting along fine and dandy without a herb grinder. So for what reason would it be a good idea for you to begin utilizing one at this point? One of the main reasons you might need to consider putting them into a nice grinder is for the smoother smoke you’ll appreciate subsequently. It’s additionally way simpler to move joints and dulls, assuming that you’re working with a finely ground item. Assuming that you’re utilizing finger-picking techniques, you’ll save a ton of time by moving up to a processor. At long last, assuming your weed grinders are one of the numerous that come furnished with a kief catcher, you can start to partake in that special reward which we’ll dig into somewhat later. Above all, we should separate how to crush weed utilizing a 3-chamber processor. 

Can you grind it without a grinder?


Got some incredible cannabis but have no good grinder? No compelling reason to stress since we’ve gathered the best strategies on the best way to crush weed without a grinder across the board. In addition, the vast majority of these strategies use things you can find around the house, so you’ll have a pleasantly ground pot instantly!

Here are some ideas to grind herbs without a grinder.


Contingent upon your blade abilities, this technique can be the quickest method for cutting up your cannabis in the midst of hardship. Simply get a sharp blade and a cutting board and begin slashing your cannabis. Despite the fact that your blade might require a decent wash later, it ought to take care of business as long as it’s considerably sharp.

With shot glass– 

This is an undisputed top choice for crushing weed without a grinder in light of the fact that the vast majority have both scissors and a shot glass around the house. Essentially throw your cannabis into the glass and begin cutting! This strategy isn’t suggested for individuals who are anticipating utilizing the shot glass immediately, as the weed will probably leave a solid buildup that presumably wouldn’t make a shot taste any more charming.


For bigger measures of bud, a blender can be your closest companion. Attempt to sever your buds from the stem first prior to placing them in the blender. Then, at that point, turn the blender on a low setting and watch it cautiously! You might have to mix your blossom around to ensure it’s completely separated; however, crushing weed with a blender, for the most part, works a treat.

Final thoughts-

Grinders would help you with finely grinding your herbs for a full euphoric experience achieved by slow yet thorough burning of the herbs. You can always get the best grinders, but not to worry if you don’t have fancy grinders. There are many other ways to grind your weed. You can also crush your weed with your hands to wrap things up. This can be the most tedious method for crushing weed, and you lose a portion of those valuable trichomes on the grounds that they stall out to the oil on your fingers; however, it’s generally a decent contingency plan and not the worst if you don’t have a grinder. To crush weed with your hands, dissect it into little pieces, isolating the stems, so you’re left with little bits of blossom. Ensure you leave no pieces too enormous, or it could wreck the consumption of your joint or gruff. Once you do that, enjoy your puff thoroughly.

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