Water Soluble Cannabis Tincture

Water-soluble cannabis tinctures, which are also referred to as golden or green dragon, are a type of alcohol-based cannabis extracts fundamentally infused with alcohol. For those who are not aware, tinctures were the primary forms of cannabis medicine up to the point when the United States government enacted a law prohibiting the use of cannabis.

With a name such as green dragon, it may be easy to see just why some people tend to shy away from cannabis tinctures. However, contrary to popular belief, these types of cannabis are actually ideal for both medicinal and recreational use. They also serve as a great alternative for those who may be looking for easy and smokeless cannabis solutions.
How one should dose and use water-soluble cannabis tincture

The good thing about cannabis tinctures is that they are easy to self-titrate, or in other words measure. You can start out with 1ml of a finished tincture by placing it beneath your tongue. If you happen to like the results or effects, then you will know it has worked. On the other hand, if you do not feel anything, you can try 2mL the following day and so on up to the time you find a volume that suits your taste. However, it is important for one to take things slow when testing out their desired dosage to avoid any instances of an uncomfortable high.

According to experts who have been handling the legal and medicinal sale of cannabis for quite some time, tinctures can last for several years if stored in a cool and dark location. With its self-titration aspect and long shelf life, one can store significant quantities of tinctures at a time. In addition, they are a convenient and accurate way for persons to ingest cannabis.

When compared to the conventional cannabis infused brownies, water soluble cannabis tinctures are a lower calorie alternative. If you have your tincture prepared with 190-proof alcohol, you will be ingesting about 7 calories for each ml. Unless you happen to have an extremely weak tolerance for tincture, you will be able to stay under the standard 112 calorie count that comes with most cannabis brownies.

Another advantage of water-soluble cannabis tincture is that it can be incorporated in various kinds of cooked meals and drinks, some of which include:

• Ice creams and sherbets
• Juices
• Gelatin
• Mashed potatoes
• Gravy Soups
• Salad dressing

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