How to Make Vape Juice: DIY Vape Juice Guide

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Vaping’s popularity sky-rocketed in recent years among the younger generations. So far, the popularity has grown so much that the whole vaping industry is now worth around $12.41 billion worldwide. Nobody could ever imagine vaping will reach such high numbers and substitute for traditional nicotine delivery systems.

Now, for some, vaping e-liquids bought from stores didn’t provide enough enjoyment, and they figured it’s not so hard to make it by themselves, just the way they like it.

After all, making e-liquids is a simple process of mixing a couple of ingredients. Like a bartender mixes a cocktail, you can learn to make e-liquids with a bit of practice and some basic knowledge.

In this article, we’ll try to pass on some of the knowledge required to challenge yourself and try It out.

First Step

We all have different tastes. That’s why sometimes we don’t like the product from the store. Some products, like the best tobacco e liquid from Vape and Juice, are excellent. But, if you purchase something from a sub-par store, the experience will not be worth remembering.

Of course, when you can make it by yourself, this added a bit more excitement for all those who love DIY projects. Before trying anything by yourself, you’ll have to learn the primary ingredients in vape juices. Vape juices can contain:

These ingredients are the base of any e-liquid. Some people like to experiment by adding additional ingredients to enhance the flavor and the kick.

Besides the ingredients, you’ll need other things to help you in the process and keep you safe while doing it. Those are:

  • Plastic bottles with caps for storing the product;
  • Syringes for mixing by volume;
  • A scale for mixing by weight;
  • PPE like a mask, gloves, and goggles for keeping you safe;
  • E-liquid calculator (found online);

All these are necessary for successful e-juice mixing. You can probably find all of this on any DIY online store specialized in vaping materials.

Types of Mixing

When you know the base ingredients, we must go through the types of mixing available. There are two different types of mixing the base liquids. Those are:

  1. Mixing by Volume

Mixing by volume requires only a syringe with a measure on the side and a plastic cap bottle for storage. The easiest way is to have one syringe for each ingredient. It’s going to help you in the beginning to get a better understanding of how the ratio works. The e-liquid calculator is essential for converting percentages into milliliters and calculating the nicotine dose in your mixture.

  1. Mixing by Weight

When mixing by weight, you have to consider that an ml of VG is heavier than an ml of PG. The same goes for one ml of flavoring. You must consider this when adding these values to the e-liquid calculator.


Many say that mixing by volume is a better option for beginners because you can use a syringe instead of an expensive, sensitive scale.

The base liquid is made from PG and VG, and the ratio should be 50/50 or 70/30. Some like to experiment with other ratios, but for a beginner, these will do the job. DIY flavoring is also a matter of choice. Find out which options are available in stores and pick a couple of them based on your taste.

Use a pipette from the plastic bottle and add around 20 drops of the flavoring to a pre-mixed base. Close the bottle and shake it for some time. When you’re all done, let the bubbles in the bottle settle down, and then try it out. Just like with a cocktail, if you notice something could be better, play around with the ingredients until you get what you wanted.

Adding diluted nicotine is optional, and it’s also added the same way as a flavoring. The only difference is that playing with the dosage of nicotine is a big no-no. You have to be more careful when adding nicotine and stick with the numbers in the e-liquid calculator.


When reading the article’s title, you might have thought you’ll have a long chemistry lesson as a guide to DIY e-juice. Now, in the end, it must have been a surprise to learn it’s not such a big deal after all. It’s very simple if you know what you’re doing. Follow our tips and enter this new and exciting world of e-juice mixology.

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