How to Get Massive Cloud of Vapor from Your Vape

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First-time vapers are happy as long as they can satisfy their cravings. In time, however, they begin to care about blowing out massive clouds of vapor. They will need more than the little cloud of vapor from their vape device to feel satisfied.

Interestingly, many tips and tricks can help you boost vapor production. You can adjust your device’s setting, use specific e-liquids, and improve your skill to enhance your cloud production.

These days, vaping is way more than a trend. There are cloud chasing competitions getting popular by the day. Vapers now compete to see who has the best skill in producing massive clouds. This article shares tricks and tips to get enormous vapor clouds from your device:

Size of the Vape Tank

Your tank plays a massive factor in the size of your clouds. This is an important variable that plays a significant role in blowing massive clouds.  For instance, a big tank will hold more e-liquid, meaning more e-liquid will vaporize, translating to an enormous cloud.

You also need to consider the material of your tank. You need a material that can withstand excessive heat from the production of massive clouds. Glass or Pyrex material is advisable.

Make sure to go for sub-ohm tanks as they come with these qualities. 

Coil Build Matters

The resistance of your coil also affects the size of your vapor and the speed of production. As a rule, a coil with low resistance will allow you to blow out huge clouds faster. This is why people who like blowing massive clouds go for coils with low resistance.

While you might still be able to produce big clouds with coils of resistance rating above 1.0 ohms, you need enough power and a durable wick to withstand the heat.

Be sure to consider the size of your coil as well. Thin wires heat up faster compared to bigger wires.

The way you position your wick also matters significantly in coil production. You can tuck the wick of a low resistance coil below the coil to optimize the vaporization of the e-liquid.

Consider Battery Type

You need strong and powerful batteries to support your cloud chasing sessions. With strong batteries, producing bigger clouds will not pose any issue.

For starters, a fixed voltage battery with a primary vape device is good. Users can adjust the voltage and wattage they want from their batteries for their vaping sessions with regulated box mods. This can help produce massive clouds and smooth hits.

Regulated box mods help you adjust the power coming from your battery by tweaking either the voltage or the wattage. Variable wattage is the preferred choice to get massive clouds.

If you are using sub-ohm tanks, you are better off with a high-discharge rate battery to complement the low resistance coil. For a mod with a separate battery, you need a high continuous discharge limit. A defined limit you can reference helps you chase clouds safely.

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Choose the Right E-Liquid

Typically, e-liquid is a combination of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). Each constituent’s amount plays a significant role in the smoothness of the drag you will experience and the vapor quantity you will give out.

Bear in mind that PG deals with throat hit while VG deals more with how much vapor you get and the quality.

With a VG to PG ratio of 50:50, you will still get big clouds without sacrificing your throat hit.

However, if you want huge clouds, make sure to increase VG’s proportion in your e-liquid. With a higher VG content, you will get more concentrated vapor. Provided your tank is built for sub-ohm vaping, you can use your e-liquid at a VG to PG ratio of 70:30.

Adjust the Airflow

You will need a lot of power to make massive clouds. This stresses your device, producing intense heat in the process. Hence, you need adequate airflow to cool your device and keep the temperature from getting out of hand, which might burn your wick. Intensive airflow not only cools your device but also condenses the vapor you are giving out. This will make it look thicker.

With more airflow over the coil, you will get more vapor. In vaporizing e-liquids, the air above the coil will be filled with vapor. With unsaturated fresh air coming in, you will have more space for your vapor to occupy.

More airflow also allows for puffing out exhaled vapor. If you can balance condensation and air, you will get clouds that are superior in size and thickness.

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Improve Your vaping technique

Even though your device plays a significant role in producing massive clouds, how you vape matters. Vaping skills are just as essential as the device. The right vaping technique involves the perfect combination of body posture, inhaling, and exhaling.

Here are some steps that will help you produce a massive vaping cloud:

  • When you breathe out, empty your lungs.
  • Blow the air remaining into your device without inhaling. This will allow the vapor to leave the air vents. When you inhale, this will boost vapor production with your device.
  • Breathe in hard for as long as you can. While breathing in, straighten your back upward to allow your lungs to accommodate more vapor.
  • Breathe out normally and steadily while slightly pushing your jaws out at the same time. Pushing out your jaw helps open your throat to facilitate the escape of the vapor. This process will take some practice before you perfect it.
  • Finally, when you feel you have exhaled all air, tighten your lips. The process will expel a powerful shot that transforms the vapor you release into huge clouds.


We are confident that the tips here will help you produce impressive vape clouds. As an amateur vaper, however, some of these techniques could take time to master. With practice, you will surely get the hang of it as all experienced vapers started as amateurs.

Finally, your safety and comfort matters while vaping. With this, be sure to vape only what you can handle.

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