Traits Of An Exceptional Cannabis Shop

As the decriminalization of cannabis continues to move forward, you can expect to see more and more cannabis shops. Keep in mind that cannabis shops are not created equal. Some are sloppy while others are really good. Of course, you’d want to stay away from the sloppy ones especially if you a newcomer. You might have the impression that a single bad experience in a cannabis shop is also true in all shops. Your best defense against unfortunate scenarios is knowledge. In this article, we are going to what you need to look for in a cannabis shop.

Friendly Staff

This might not be the biggest issue on our list, but it’s still worth mentioning. An ideal cannabis shop should have a friendly staff. Once you step into the door, they should greet you and offer some help. A cannabis shop is not a secret club with a secret handshake. If the staff is ignoring you and simply busy chatting with non-customers, then it’s best that you find another shop. The biggest issue with this type of behavior is during the times when you have some problem with a product. Chances are, they won’t be easy to deal with.

Knowledgeable Staff

The cannabis staff should also be knowledgeable when it comes to their product. The staff should be able to recommend you a strain based on your needs. However, don’t push it. The staff is not a medical professional. Hence, don’t expect the same kind of consulting quality as if you have gone to a doctor. At the very least, the staff should be knowledgeable about general cannabis science, what they do and the basic compounds.

The staff should also know where they are getting their products. If the cannabis shop gets their product from a single farm source, then the quality would be more consistent.


A good cannabis shop should have a lot of varieties to choose from. A cannabis shop with limited choices means that you may be forced to buy something that is not exactly what you are looking for. In such cases, it’s best to find a different shop so you’ll get the most of your money rather than settling for something else.


A cannabis shop should not look like a stoner’s hangout at the back of the school’s gym. It should exuberate a sense of professionalism. The staff, even if they are in casual clothing, should be neat and clean. Products are organized properly with clearly visible product information and pricing. Ideally, you’d also want the staff to come in a variety of ages. If you are a 50-year old woman, you won’t be comfortable talking about your menopausal hot flashes to a 20-year old male budtender.

Always remember that if you are living in an area that has decriminalized cannabis, then a cannabis shop should act professionally, the staff are friendly and they should be able to provide you with a good variety. We highly encourage that you do your own research. Nevertheless, if you need help in this area, then checking out Apothekare cannabis shop is a good starting point.