The benefits of custom plantation shutters

Custom plantation shutters in beautiful woods like mahogany, cherry, walnut, oak, and maple, add a special elegance to any room. If your design scheme already consists of wood paneling, wood floors, and trim, then adding custom shutters will enhance your design even further. You will enjoy the beauty of natural woods and the benefits of minimal maintenance and upkeep for a very long time. Your hardwood custom plantation shutters come with lifetime guarantees from most reputable vendors.

Deciding on Color Schemes

If you already have wood in your room, match it with the same wood and finish when choosing your custom plantation shutters. If your current wood paneling or furniture has been installed for a few years, the wood and color may have already aged to a deeper tone. In that case, use a wood tone that compliments the wood in place. When shopping for your custom shutters always bring a sample of your wood flooring and trim currently installed. You want to be sure to pick the right matching wood tone and hue. Paint samples from your wall and carpet swatches are also important to bring with you if you need to consider other colors in the room. The ability of your wood colors and tone finishes to pull on your color scheme currently in place adds finesse to the elegance of the room as a whole visual picture.

Best Quality Woods

Maple and other top line hardwoods, give you the most value and long-term satisfaction for your money. Woodworkers can make wider shutters, thicker or elliptical slats and use better woodworking attachment systems such as wood pegs and rails joined with reinforced dowel rods. Oak, pine, cherry, walnut, and mahogany come in just under maple for durability and the richness of using beautiful natural woods in your home.

Unique Design Best with Hardwoods

If you have unusual window or skylight designs, hardwoods, such as maple, are the most qualified to accommodate unique structures. You can also have your systems motorized, making it easy to open and shut any shutter at will to create your lighting designs with just a push of the button. Some window openings requiring unique design in plantation shutters are the circle burst, oval, half and quarter burst, and the Gothic arch.

The Green in Your Hardwood Plantation Shutters

Your beautiful natural wood plantation shutters also help cut down on your energy bill by keeping out the sun and heat during the summer months and retaining heat inside the house during the winter. You can open only the ones you like to see out at any given time. Choose plantation shutter companies who value the proper use of cutting down trees and replanting new ones to keep the “green” in a perpetual state of new growth and replenishment. For the best choice, one has to follow and keep all this to settle at the best Plantation Shutters.
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