Types Of Magic Mushrooms: Benefits And Uses

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There are so many mystical and incredible compounds that can impart a euphoric experience. The magic mushrooms are one of the most in-demand compounds to be a part of the intoxicating compound list. It is also surprising to know that there are not one but many species and types of magic mushrooms that have intoxicating effects. People have been using mushrooms for years for different purposes. There are different uses of different species that people have utilized for ages. Some tribes know precisely how these mushrooms work for various illnesses and problems. To understand the uses and benefits, the first thing you need to know is the types of mushrooms. 

Here are the types of mushrooms that you would like to know.

1. Psilocybe cubensis- 

Psilocybe cubensis

Normally, you would have tried some mushrooms for pleasure. Many would have also had the name psilocybin mushroom. But hardly anybody notices or pays attention to the fact that these mushrooms are basically a type of psilocybe cubensis Mushroom. This is one of the easiest to grow mushrooms that people often thought of growing at home. This mushroom was a major success back in the seventies. Although it is still listed under illicit substances, so was marijuana once. It takes time for experts to study these mushrooms and understand all their benefits.

You might have heard the name of this mushroom using common terminologies like Cubes or shrooms or golden halos. It is said that the name cubensis has its root in ancient Greek times, where this mushroom was considered to have its origin in Cuba. There are sub-varieties of Mushrooms that come under the psilocybe cubensis. So you will have to be very serious and must possess exact knowledge of what mushrooms you are consuming. Consuming mushrooms that you think are psilocybe cubensis but are not sure about it can cause damage rather than giving pleasure. So until and unless you are very sure about the looks and use of these shrooms, you should not randomly try them out. You can take the help of some experts or study about these shrooms to learn about the minute details that would let you know all about these magic shrooms so you can enjoy the benefits.

If you understand and research these mushrooms, you will know how good they are. Once you are thorough with these magic mushrooms, you can always go ahead and grow them in your home. They have a natural habitat of tropical climate, but you can also create a surrounding for it to grow at your home. 

 2. Psilocybe semilanceata –

Psilocybe semilanceata

These are another critical mushroom species that is famous for its psychedelic nature. It is named under one of the most potent psychedelic compounds. Many would better understand the mushroom being talked about when it is termed Liberty cap. The structure representing a Phrygian cap gives it the common name people use. You can distinguish the mushroom if it is moist or dry. The moist ones are much darker brown in the shade and have a greenish hint in between, but when these mushrooms get dried out, the darker brown shade fades away and leaves a light brown hint. When you turn over the mushroom and see underneath the mushroom cap, there are moderately crowded gills, ranging anywhere between 15 to 25. The cuticle of its cap is almost 100 μm thick. These mushrooms are termed as one of the most abundantly found mushrooms. Their growth is widely spread and does not require any special treatments for promoting its growth. The soil they prefer should be acidic, and the climate preference lies in the Northern hemisphere. So countries like France, Russia, Turkey, Europe provide favorable conditions for this much room to grow.

3. Psilocybe azurescens-

Psilocybe azurescens

These are another strain of magic mushrooms that are sometimes also known as blue angels or flying saucers. These are the strongest psilocybe in strains that you can see growing in the wild. The soil that is Sandy is much favorable for the growth of these mushrooms. They have a resistance For temperatures anywhere between 16 to 25 degrees centigrade. When compared with other psilocybe mushrooms, these are the ones that can withstand much lesser temperatures. These are found abundantly in the grasslands of the US and Europe. Even though this mushroom tastes bitter, it is one of the strongest psychoactive compounds of all time. 


As you can see, there are not one but many species of Mushrooms that have psychoactive properties. The most important part is proper identification and knowledge about these mushrooms. It is necessary that you know the mushroom you are dealing with; only then can you move ahead with enjoying the psychedelic pleasure these mushrooms are meant to provide.

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