How to store Shrooms: A quick guide to storing fresh and dry shrooms

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Shrooms are the best thing that ever happened to lovers of all things psychedelic. One of the most sought-after psychedelic drugs, shrooms or magic mushrooms are in constant demand all over the world.

Those who enjoy mushrooms know that they are at their best when freshly picked. Additionally, fresh mushrooms tend to spoil quickly, which is why they must be stored immediately after being harvested. Drying them is another option when they cannot be used fresh.

Here’s a quick guide for shroom lovers worldwide on How to Store Shrooms in the right way to ensure they remain potent for future use. We’re off to learn how to store fresh and dry mushrooms! So come join us as we explore this unique world.

Why storing shrooms is important?

Fresh or dried magic mushrooms must be stored correctly and under ideal conditions for optimum performance. The challenge of finding fresh magic mushrooms is well known to mushroom lovers. Once you have found them, storing or drying them properly becomes a priority for ensuring their viability. Mushrooms, whether they are fresh or dry, can be preserved using different methods. This article explores the different aspects of storing mushrooms.

The process of processing shrooms:

Imagine discovering a fresh harvest of magic mushrooms. You are tempted to get your hands on them!! What are your first steps? There is a bit of a process that goes beyond properly handling fresh mushrooms. Let us now learn the process.

Picking and handling fresh shrooms:


Magic mushrooms are a type of fungi, and like all fungi, they are prone to conditions like rotting, mold, oxidation, and contamination. Even the smallest contamination when touching them can cause problems. When rotten or spoilt, they can turn toxic and expose you to unwanted effects.

When either picking or handling fresh mushrooms, you are expected to have certain equipment handy. They include:

  • Disposable gloves
  • Brush
  • Soft kitchen towel

Step 1:Cover your hands with disposable gloves before handling. This will minimize the chances of contamination. Alternatively, you can wash and sterilize your hands.

Step 2: Use a brush to remove dirt from the mushrooms. Any additional dirt can be removed by running them under a light stream of cold water and then laying them to dry out on your kitchen towel.

Step 3: Allow the shrooms to air dry for about 30 minutes. This will remove any moisture content.

How to store the fresh shrooms:

Place the prepared fresh shrooms in an unbleached paper towel and place them in a paper bag. Now store this paper bag in a fridge. Mushrooms prepared and stored this way in the refrigerator can last you for anywhere between 5 to 10 days.

A few tips when storing fresh shrooms in a paper bag:

  • Roll the paper bag tight and snug to ensure that air or moisture do not enter the bag or spoil the shrooms. This process will avoid decay of the contents of the bag.
  • Keep checking the shrooms every 3 days to make sure that there is no visible growth of mold or decay.
  • Make sure to consume the shrooms when they are fresh.

There may be some situations where you aren’t able to consume the magic mushrooms within their recommended shelf life. But you can’t throw them away either. They are too precious!! So, what do you do then? This is where drying comes into the picture

How to store Dried Shrooms:

Fresh and wet shrooms have a short shelf life and must be consumed before they spoil, which is not always possible. Drying shrooms has evolved, through the decades, as a fool-proof and effective method to prolong their shelf-life.

Do remember though, drying may slightly reduce the potency of the mushrooms. Just increase the dose and your dried mushrooms will have enough potency to give the psychedelic high

The process of drying shrooms:

The equipment you need to dry your shrooms include:

  • Wire rack
  • Drying fan


  • A dehydrator


  • A fan-assisted oven


Remember all fresh mushrooms should go through the process for fresh mushrooms that we mentioned above. Once the mushrooms are cleaned:

Wire Rack:

Place the mushrooms on a wire rack and allow the fan air to blow over them till they are bone dry. The wire rack allows the air to blow freely and completely around the mushrooms so that they completely dry.

Food Dehydrator:

A food dehydrator is often the most preferred piece of equipment to dry shrooms. The process is simple and hassle free, though lengthy. You will need to dehydrate your shrooms for up to 48 hours to obtain the dry shrooms which will surprisingly last you for more than a year


An oven is a third alternative, with a fan-assisted oven being your best option to dry mushrooms. Ensure to dry the shrooms at a moderate temperature. Higher temperatures may, sometimes, damage the compounds and be detrimental for your health too.

How to store dry shrooms:

Dried Shrooms

Dry shrooms in a mason jar:

Once your mushrooms are dry and ready for storage, place them in mason jars with added silica gel packs. Silica gel will absorb any moisture that can accidentally get in your jars when you open them.

You can also store your shrooms in multiple air-tight mason jars with each jar utilized for one use. This way the other batches stay in tact and will last you longer.

Dry shrooms in honey:

Also known as Shroom money or Blue Honey, this is prepared by mixing finely chopped dried shrooms with honey. Shrooms this way can last for quite a long time.

Dry shrooms in tea:

Brew shroom tea the same way you would brew your regular tea. Just brew a big pitcher of tea with added dried mushrooms. Store this brew in an air-tight container and place it in the fridge. You can enjoy this tea for upto a week after brewing.

Dry shrooms in chocolate:

Shrooms chocolates are an excellent and delicious way to consume shrooms. Mushroom bits coated in chocolate may not last as long as the other stored dried mushrooms but still are quite a delicacy.

Dry shrooms in capsules

For those who do not like the smell and flavor of shrooms, capsules are an excellent way of experiencing the full psychedelic effects. Capsules are also excellent for microdosing which is a rage among many shroom users, especially newbies and those using them for therapeutic purposes.

Each capsule will require a very tiny quantity of the dried shroom powder and the capsules must be stored in an air tight container which is to be kept in a cool dry place.

Some users experiment with smoking shrooms. But this is not always a good idea!! Click here to know why!!

So, there you go. We have different ways of storing mushrooms, both fresh and dry. So, the next time you come across a stash of fresh shrooms, you know what to do.


Just remember, shrooms are delicate and must be processed and stored when they are extremely fresh. The longer they last, the weaker they get. Fresh shrooms also spoil quickly and must be taken care of as soon as possible.

That brings us to the end of this article on how to store mushrooms. We hope you have learnt enough to know what to do with your next batch

Happy shrooming!!

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