How much shrooms should a beginner take: A guide to your first perfect trip

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Magic mushrooms or shrooms as they are otherwise known are a popular class of psychedelics that have been popular for centuries. They continue to be popular to this day and are the best way to achieve hallucinations and heightened perceptions.

Shrooms contain a compound known as psilocybin. While there are over 200 different kinds of magic mushrooms, nearly a hundred of them contain this compound.

So what is so special about psilocybin? This chemical works on specific parts of your brain to improve focus, perception, and feelings of euphoria. Many users express experiencing spiritual awakening as well as gaining a different perspective towards life.

With the shroom’s increasing popularity, inexperienced users are always keen to try out this psychedelic drug. If you are a new user and want to learn more, this article is for you. We tackle the most frequently asked question, “How much shrooms should a beginner take?”. Also, we list a few tips so that you, as a beginner can make your first trip the most enjoyable one.

Shrooms: A quick guide for beginners:

While shrooms are widely popular, new users must be extremely careful when ingesting shrooms for the first time. Shroom trips are extremely enjoyable with an explosion of vivid colors and images in your mind’s eye and allow you to experience sights and sounds you never imagined could exist.

But this happens only on good trips. Bad trips often lead to scary and terrifying experiences that can lead to emotional instability, paranoia, and fear.

In short, with shrooms it is important to understand that they exaggerate every feeling you have. If you are happy, they create euphoria. If you are trying to find new ideas, they push your creativity to new limits. If you are sad, they push you into extreme depression. If you are worried, shrooms create paranoia. For this reason, beginners should always be careful when trying them for the first time.

Shroom microdosing:

Have you heard about microdosing? It is a popular method of consuming psychedelic drugs such as shrooms and LSD. What evolved as a method for curing various health conditions, especially related to mental health, has now become a preferred way of shroom consumption.

In mainstream usage, it started as a hushed way of ingestion in small doses to fight exhaustion and improve work productivity. Health and wellness enthusiasts also have embraced this trend big time.

So, what is microdosing?

Microdosing refers to the method of taking extremely small portions of any psychedelic drug. Typically, a microdose ranges between 1/10th to 1/20th of a normal dose. This dose works to about 10 mcg to 20 mcg. Often shroom capsules are an ideal way of starting your journey to microdosing.

This is a trial and error based method of ingesting the psychedelic substance, magic mushrooms in this context. The theory behind this dosing is that the user gains better control of what they are taking and is in charge of the effects they experience.

In effect, microdosing allows you to attain mild to moderately heightened senses of creativity or euphoria without leaving you overwhelmed or “drugged”. It allows you to experience improved focus and emotional balance without experiencing major changes in senses or perception.

magic shrooms

Why we think microdosing is excellent for beginners:

  • No matter what drug or weed you consume, slow and steady is always the best approach. Always start low and slow. When you do this, you will have the following advantages:
  • Your body will get acquainted with the new drug, and won’t have to experience a sudden change
  • You will understand if the drug suits you. Not everyone will enjoy positive experiences from a new drug.
  • Factors such as time taken for the high to set in and time taken to wear off will be clear. This will help you plan when and how to increase the dosage
  • You will have a better idea of what strain suits you and what to not. This way you can eliminate bad strains and continue to use strains that suit you.

Shroom trip tips for beginners:

Ask any experienced user for a quick shroom guide beginner and you will get the same set of tips, which we will now share with you.

  • Always start low and slow. Take the guidance and support from experienced users if you are totally new to the world of shrooms.
  • Select a comfortable setting for your first trip. Remember, shrooms tend to heighten your current feelings and perceptions. If you don’t feel comfortable, you are not going to enjoy the trip. For example, you can choose your living room or your room for your first trip.
  • Have a restful sleep the night before. Exhaustion and tiredness don’t go hand in hand with an enjoyable shroom trip.
  • Don’t start off with anxiety, a negative state of mind, depression, or stress. Shroom doesn’t really help you avoid these feelings. Instead, it can exaggerate them, creating a negative experience.
  • Having a good set of friends will help you create a memorable experience. Having a trip-sitter, akin to a babysitter, is a good idea. Let them take care of you and keep you grounded and connected to reality.

With these tips and an ideal dose, to begin with, you will surely enjoy a wonderful shroom trip experience.


How much shrooms should a beginner take? The answer is to start low and slow. We suggest microdosing as a good way to ensure that you start enjoying the minimal effects of shrooms and understand whether they are good for you or not.

With continued use and your experience, you can gradually increase the dosing. Having an experienced user to guide you will be extremely helpful in ensuring that you have a safe and enjoyable shroom trip.

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