The Real Difference Between Recreational Weed and Medical Marijuana

With the legalization of recreational weed becoming common place now all over the world, many are wondering what the difference is between recreational weed and medical marijuana. Millions of patients all over the world also use, and need daily, medical marijuana for their health care needs. Medical marijuana is used in the treatment of many important problems, such as neuropathic pain, Alzheimer’s Disease, migraines, fibromyalgia, and more. But still, it can be difficult to get, and the myths on medical marijuana suggest it may not even be as helpful as recreational weed. Is that so? Let’s look at the facts and the science of it.

Why is Medical Marijuana Effective?

CNN reports that medical marijuana  is used for a number of ailments, from chronic pain to bipolar disorder. The plant itself reportedly contains over 400 chemicals that help produce the effect that treats these disorders. It’s not necessarily the “high” that patients are looking for either, or that medical marijuana provides. Patients want relief, and the medical grade of weed does not always provide that.

The two chemicals of interest to both recreational weed and medical weed users are THC and CBD. TCH is the short form of “tetrahydrocannabinol” and CBD is the short-form of “cannabidol.” It is the THC that is the component of recreational weed that gives users that “high.” This is where the key differences between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are found. In recreational weed there is more THC and less CBD than there is in medical weed. Medical marijuana typically contains more CBD but not necessarily less THC. It just depends on the dispensary.

So medical marijuana is effective for disorders like Alzheimers or bipolar disorder because the higher CBD content works on the nervous system in a way that recreational weed does not do as effectively. But if you’re just looking for the buzz, recreational weed will have more THC than CBD.

The Main Differences Between Recreational Weed and Medical Weed

The two components THC and CBD are the two most common cannibinoids, or chemicals, in the marijuana plant. But there are hundreds. These are the two that are most studied though as they have the greatest impact, whether you are using weed for fun or for pain management or mental health issues.

One key reason that medical marijuana is used is because it is higher in CBD, and this is very useful to mental health patients. When taking recreational weed, the CBD content is typically lower. But although CBD does not produce a “high,” it does produce a calming effect. It is also said to reduce the amount paranoia most often experienced with recreational weed.

A mental health patient for example that suffers from paranoid hallucinations would not benefit from recreational weed, as their symptoms might increase. But they would decrease using medical grade marijuana.

Another key difference between the two is that medical marijuana requires a prescription from your doctor. You do not need to worry about that with recreational weed that is sold legally. So if you aren’t using weed to manage pain or a health care problem, the easiest and best way to access it is through a dispensary. Denver Dispensary is the perfect choice to meet all of your recreational weed needs.