CBD and Coronavirus: Here’s What You Need to Know

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Coronavirus outbreaks are not new to the world. For instance, scientists in the 1960s were instrumental in coining the crown-shaped virus strands “coronavirus.” Up to this decade, the world has witnessed various outbreaks of various coronaviruses, including SARS, MERs, and the new Covid-19.

Amid outbreaks of such viruses or any other pandemic, medical experts, scientists, and other stakeholders join hands to search for solutions with respect to treatment regimens and containment measures.

Symptoms and Effects of Coronavirus

Often, some of the most common coronavirus symptoms include fever and shortness in breathing. Various coronavirus strands are capable of surviving in the air or on surfaces— hence, the transmission is possible. However, the primary transmission mode is through sneezing, coughing, and the subsequent inhalation of air that contains droplets from a person suffering from the virus.

Coronavirus strains attack the respiratory systems leading to Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)—a condition that leads to many deaths. Secondly, high rates of transmission overwhelm the capacities of many healthcare institutions with respect to service delivery and population management.

Often, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) is brought about by the inflammation of the lungs. Upon the entry of coronavirus in the lungs, there is the production of molecules such as Interleukins and other cytokines that facilitate the process of inflammation and subsequent fever.

Coronavirus Treatment

So far, there is no confirmed coronavirus treatment. However, it is essential to note that there are preventive and management measures that include:

  •       Therapies targeting the improvement of the immune system
  •       Hand sanitizing
  •       Observing social distance
  •       Wearing protective gears such as face masks and hand gloves

In attempts to look for proper regimens and ways to strengthen the immune system and contain lung inflammation due to coronavirus, medical researchers have embarked on studies on various plant species, including multiple strains of the cannabis plant. Over the past few decades, the prospect of cannabis medical benefits has been inspirational to multiple scientific studies.

The primary target for scientific research about cannabis has been on two essential compounds, which are Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). In the fight against coronavirus, CBD oils and extracts have shown very positive effects.

What Is CBD Oil Good For?


Do you know what CBD oil is good for? Indications from various scientific researches show that CBD oils possess a wide array of benefits that have the prospects to contain and alleviate some complicated conditions. Studies link Cannabidiol oils to the following benefits:

  •       Reducing seizure (epilepsy) frequency and effects for patients with Dravet and Gastant syndrome
  •       Management of chronic pain
  •      Relive from Diabetes
  •       Reducing anxiety and sleep management
  •       Anti-inflammation benefits
  •       Strengthening of patient’s immune system

CBD for Coronavirus

CBD for coronavirus is proving to be effective in managing the condition. Before going into in-depth connections between Cannabidiol (CBD) and the alleviation of coronavirus effects, it is vital to note that CBD is available in many strains of Cannabis Sativa.

CBD syrups and cannabidiol products help in the fight against coronavirus by reducing pro-inflammatory cytokines and operating appropriately with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). ECS is fundamental in the following processes:

  •       Brain functioning
  •       Immune response
  •       Stress and pain reduction
  •       Inflammation reduction

Some researches and trials involving mice show that CBD oil plays a role in increasing oxygen concentrations in the blood, reducing the temperature, and reducing inflammation rates in the lungs. Such inspirations are driving the prospect of CBD oils in reducing the effects of coronavirus.

How Should you Take CBD Oil

The question of how to take CBD oil should not baffle you as there are several ways to do that. Before that, it is essential to note that there are no clinical prescriptions for the amount of CBD oils and syrups that you should take. However, there are estimations of concentrations that may be helpful to alleviate various health conditions, including the coronavirus. Here are the ways you can take CBD oils:

  •       Through smoking or vaping. Involves heating and breathing smoke from oil concentrates
  •       Sublingual application. Consists of the application of CBD drops under the tongue and the subsequent swallowing after about 30 seconds
  •       Topical application. Apply oil concentrates on your skin in the form of lotion, ointments, and even balms
  •       Through edibles. Finally, it is possible to include CBD oils in foods such as cakes, lollipops, and gummy bears.

Final Thoughts

Now you have a glimpse of how CBD oil plays significant roles in aiding the overall fight against coronavirus. The excitement about a wide range of CBD benefits may form the basis for more intuitive research on whether it may be helpful in fighting coronavirus. In the meantime, there are no official confirmations about coronavirus treatment. Meanwhile, if you find this article helpful, please leave a comment!

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