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Are you a Cannabis enthusiast? one who has been looking for different strains that can give you the ultimate experience in relaxation and have a long-lasting effect? This article will help you figure out the different strains that can be of interest if you are ready to learn from the experiences of other Cannabis users and have all the intentions of trying out these strains to know for sure if they are what you are looking for.

Here we are going to discuss the effects of different strains, as most Cannabis users have felt and how to choose your strain to get the ultimate relaxation experience. If you are new to smoking Cannabis, then you should read this article to know what are the different steps that would give you the experience you have been looking for. 

Here is a list of the topics that can give you a prolonged effect 

We are making a list of different streams that can help you get the effect you are looking for. The list is made by a factor going through the different effects of some of the most popular strains and after considering different reviews given by users of those strains. All the information has been compiled together to come up with a list of different strains that you can try as soon as you know about it if you are looking for a prolonged high and relaxation. We are recommending some strains to keep you logged in your vaping session while enjoying the smoke and after effects for a long period of time. We’ve gone through a huge number of cannabis strains and decided on the greatest strains that will guarantee to keep you locked (or loaded) during your smoking session. 

Here are our top recommendations:

  1. Kansas city kush – Best Option for controlled Highs
  2. Purple Haze – Ideal and prolonged effects
  3. Pink runtz strain – Most preferred Option for a Long High
  4. Lemon drop strain – Great Taste and prolonged Highs

Kansas city kush-

If you are looking for a euphoric experience that makes you happy and relieved and allows you to rest in a couch clock position, then this is the best strain that you can find in the market. This strain has earned a strong liking from its users because of the moderator levels of THC. Usually, the strain is preferred during the daytime as most people use it as a medication for anxiety and depression. The experience they have after consuming this train is termed as highly satisfied by the users. This is the reason it is recommended by most users who like enjoying the euphoric effects of this strain for a prolonged time.

Purple Haze

If you are new to consuming Cannabis and have not experienced the general high feeling that people are talking about, then this is a great string that you can start with. If you want to feel a euphoric effect that makes you wanna race and have a lot of energetic outcomes, then the effects of Purple Haze are what you are looking for. If you want to push your creative limits and try something new, then this strain will help you do that. It is generally famous because of the creative high that you get after consuming the strain. You feel a lot more energetic and ready to focus on your work. 

Pink runtz strain


If you want to enjoy the effects of consuming a strain in a controlled manner so that you feel happiness and energy throughout the day without anybody else knowing about it, then the pink runtz strain is the right one for you. The taste might not be the best taste in the world, but it definitely gives the Kind of uplifting that every user would love to have. The after-effects are prolonged and can be enjoyed without much effect on your behavior. 

Lemon drop strain-

If you want to have pleasant effects where you feel happy and giggly, then the lemon drop strain is the perfect strain for you. If you are fond of citrusy flavors, this is the perfect strain that can help you easily achieve the experience of satisfaction. Most users like the taste of this strain. 90% of users have recommended using this strain when it comes to flavor combined with satisfaction. The feeling of high and the euphoric effect is not so strong and high that it overpowers the relaxation. If you use this strain, you will feel a pleasant relaxation throughout the period of the effects kicking in.

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