How To Grow Jack Herer Seeds?

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As befits its Haze ancestry, Jack Herer is not weed for beginners. The strong cerebral high that sweeps them away after the initial puffs may overwhelm novice users. A buzzing body stone adds to the soaring, giddy, and frequently trippy mental effects to create a package that is the perfect medicine for the mind and body.

Many growers believe this to be a challenging strain, but according to the original breeder Sensi, it is easier to manage than any other typical Sativa dominant strain. While it is true that attaining the finest Jack Herer seeds yields and buds requires a little more expertise, anyone with some growing experience should be able to achieve respectable results.

Jack Herer will develop into a true cannabis tree and generate incredible outdoor yields if you have a long, hot growing season like Southern Spain.

A Jack Herer should be on every Sativa lover’s bucket list, despite its challenges. As you watch the four distinct Jack Herer genotypes grow in your growing space, the process is enjoyable, and the resulting highly flavored buds with their distinctive hit are more than enough of a reward for your hard work.

Growing Jack Herer seeds

Growing cannabis plant

Because of its enormous growth, which is difficult to control and necessitates bigger inputs of light and water, Jack Herer is relatively easy to grow indoors. Start with a more manageable auto-flowering Jack Herer variety unless you are an experienced grower who has previously worked with enormous Sativa dominant or Haze strains.

Taking Care of Big Cannabis Trees

The size of Jack Herer makes her the most challenging indoor plant to grow because of this. It will be preferable to let her stretch as much as she likes in a space with high ceilings as she grows. If you have enough room, you can discover that you can accommodate more Jack Herer plants in the same area than Skunk or Indica plants. These females have a shape that allows you to cram more in as long as you have room for upward growth, reaching their many flowered fingers towards the sky. Indica cultivars need more horizontal growth areas because they are shorter and bushier.

The Four Phenotypes of Jack Herer

It is unrealistic to expect uniformity in Jack Herer plants from growers. They develop into four different phenotypes: 

Phenotype A

These plants, which have a strong Sativa dominance, can grow to record heights in the grow chamber and can stretch up to five times once blooming starts. However, they also generate what are undoubtedly the strongest Jack Herer buds. By the time flowering is complete, each stem and branch will have an uneven, enormous calyx covering the top.

Phenotype B

The most Indica-like of the four Jack Herer phenotypes, B nevertheless increases in height during flowering by a factor of two to three. But despite having a more condensed growth pattern and dense, resinous buds that cluster around the nodes, it is the fastest phenotype. They do follow the stem halfway. The main stem of this pheno usually combines with the upper branches to create a substantial center cola. The creative, lofty mental high is shared by all of the Jack Herer phenos, although this one has a higher physical component than phenos A or C.

Phenotype C

Although Sensi lists them individually, this pheno is quite similar to A, and many gardeners might not be able to tell the two apart. Strongly Sativa dominant, these plants grow tall and thin with useful branches. Although B’s calyxes are shorter than A’s, they grow in a stringy pattern that gives the buds a spiky appearance. This characteristic means that, although not always the highest yields, they typically generate the largest buds of the four phenotypes. Delicious flavor that is creamy, sweet, and just a touch peppery. The high is slightly more energizing than usual.

Phenotype D

At every node, these plants generate dense, Indica-like buds, yet as they flower, they swell to enormous heights. There are spaces between nodes because the calyxes don’t run up the stems like in phenotypes A and C. This pheno makes up for it by yielding absurd quantities of resin and providing a more potent physical body stone than the other phenos. These plants can also be grown closer together because they have a lot less branching. They are also simpler to grow and manage because they flower soon.


Don’t let the illustrious Jack Herer frighten you. The high is such a bright, uplifting sensation that you won’t be able to stop yourself, despite the fact that the effects are strong. You’ll return to get more. The main obstacle in the grow chamber is Jack Herer’s size. Contrary to popular belief, plants are more forgiving of mistakes in lighting and feeding. 

Give Mr Cannabis Seeds Jack Herer a try if you have the room for these large beauties or if you are confident in your cloning and training abilities. This strain, more than any other, calls for your attention. You should be rewarded with a big production of resinous buds that will astound you if you are patient and vigilant and don’t burn them with your lights.

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