Benefits of Cannabis Tinctures

How many ways of consuming cannabis do you know? Most people think that smoking is the only way of consuming cannabis which is not true. You can take cannabis in the form of oil drops! Yes cannabis tinctures,

which were the most popular form of cannabis medicine before their ban in the late 1930s, they have started to gain popularity once again. Also referred to as green dragon, cannabis tinctures are alcohol based extracts of cannabis that are usually consumed by placing a few drops under your tongue, or what we call sublingually. Tinctures offer a rapid and simple dosage and are excellent especially when you need a rapid dosage of medicine. In this article, we shall discuss some of the benefits of taking these cannabis drops.


1. They are healthier than smoking Most people consume cannabis by smoking it. Although this may the most popular method, it might not be the healthiest way of taking cannabis. When you smoke any substance, including cannabis, the smoke irritates your respiratory system. This may bring about some breathing difficulties. Also, smoking is known to negatively affect the skin because it suppresses collagen production, which may lead to premature aging. If you want to avoid all these harmful effects of smoking, then consuming cannabis drops may be the best alternative. Because cannabis drops are taken sublingually, it means that they will be absorbed fast, thus benefiting the patients.

2. Cannabis Tinctures Enable Fast delivery of Medicine. Cannabis drops take effect quickly after placing them under your tongue. It’s in fact estimated that patients would experience the effects with 5 to 10 minutes. This greatly surpasses the edibles whose effects occur after about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Do you know why tinctures are faster than edibles? It’s mainly because of the route (sublingual) where the drug is absorbed quickly into the blood stream. To experience the best results, it’s recommended that you allow the drops to stay under your tongue for 30-60 seconds before swallowing.

3. Tinctures are Safe for Pediatric Patients Cannabis tinctures are the safest ways of administering cannabis to pediatric patients. This is because they are smoke-free, easy to consume and provide controlled dosing. Actually, they can be consumed by patients of all ages, even the senior patients. If you’re concerned about the psychoactive effect, many non-psychoactive options are available.

4. Tinctures offer Discreet Dosing It may not be possible to smoke cannabis while in a public place. This is because of the smell. But now we have an odorless form of consuming cannabis, tinctures. Tinctures actually resemble the conventional pharmaceutical medicines. Of course, everyone will notice you when you try lighting a joint, but nobody will notice when you place a few drops under your tongue. Tinctures can also fit in purses, backpacks, and satchels.

5. Tinctures are Versatile Medicine There are different cannabinoid options of cannabis tinctures. You will find that each type of cannabis tincture has its uses and benefits. So if you’re searching for a daily supplement or want to treat a certain condition, the best option is to use cannabis tinctures.

These are some of the best benefits of cannabis tinctures. If you’re looking for quality cannabis tinctures, you can get them from Ojai Energetics, the leading seller of CBD and cannabis products.