A dry bud trimmer takes hundreds of hours of work and turns it into just a few.

http://www.Tomstumbletrimmer.comAny person who is growing large quantities of herbs, plants, or flowers understands that it’s a lot of work. It takes hundreds of hours of manpower to grow the herbs, flowers, and plants in the first place, to give them the care they need so that they grow up strong and produce a quality harvest. Then there’s the actual harvesting itself. Some plants, herbs, and flowers are easier to harvest than others because they don’t require any separating of the various plant parts. However, other plants are much more difficult. In order to get at the desired part of the plant, the person has to trim off all of the leaves or extract the tiny bits of pollen from the plant. This is hard work.

Traditionally, removing all of the leaves from a large quantity of plants or herbs could take hundreds of hours. Depending on the size of the harvest, a person could spend weeks just separating the various parts of the plant. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way any longer. Thanks to the invention of the dry bud trimmer, it’s now possible for people to take those hundreds of hours of work and trim it down to just a few. The invention of the dry bud trimmer has made it incredibly easy to sort pounds of plant material, separating the buds from the leaves, in just an hour.

In case you’ve never seen one before, a try bud trimmer is a piece of equipment with a net or screen that’s wrapped around a type of cylinder. The screen itself is in the shape of a cylinder. They come in various sizes depending on how much plant matter you’re trying to sort through. A larger piece of equipment can handle multiple pounds at the same time, while a smaller piece might only be able to do a pound at once. Either way, what you do is put the plant matter into the trimmer and then start twisting the piece of equipment so that the plants, herbs, or flowers tumble inside like the clothes in a dryer. The equipment and screen are designed in such a way that this movement breaks the leaves off of the plant matter while leaving the buds behind perfectly intact. Many people who’ve used this kind of equipment claim that it does an even better job than trimming the buds by hand.

If you’re still having a hard time visualizing what a bud trimming machine like this looks like, take a look at the picture above. It kind of resembles the structure of a dryer, only there’s a screen around it that knocks the parts of the plant off that you don’t want. These incredible inventions are great for bud trimming, but they can also be used to extract the pollen from plants and flowers. Of course, pollinator tumblers have a much finer screen, but they work in pretty much the same way. If you’re tired of fighting with your buds and spending hundreds of hours trimming them, then you need to check out the tumblers and trimmers offered by Tom’s Tumbler.